The 5 Best Student Comedies

College is one of the best periods of life, especially because it is a time when you discover more about yourself and the world that surrounds you. Even though college life comes with many challenges, this is the best time for students to improve and develop their skills, but also to have fun with friends and experience another level of freedom. When you are a student who is studying in a different city from their hometown, experiences and events are everywhere.

You need to plan your time wisely, so that you have enough time to finish your tasks, but also to watch comedies and relax with your friends. Speaking of watching movies, there is an entire genre of comedies that are made for students. Many movies depict student life funnily and excitingly, and the main target audience is, of course, students. If you are looking for a comedy to watch this week with your friends and have some fun, here are the 5 best student comedies you need to add to your watchlist.

“Starter for 10”

“Starter for 10” is one of the best comedies for students out there. The action happens in England, at one of the less prestigious universities out there. Even though most American students are not aware of the number of UK universities, besides Oxford and Cambridge, there are many other colleges where great things are happening.

“Starter for 10” is a comedy that depicts the typical life of a student who is searching for love. But during that time, many students find out that who they are meant for and who they want to be with are two different things. And this is something that you will discover too if you watch this funny movie. Moreover, you can see many acclaimed British actors in this comedy from 2006, such as Benedict Cumberbatch.

“Let It Snow”

“Let It Snow” is a comedy from 2019, more recently launched than the previous film in this list. However, the main topic is about a group of teens searching for their love. Of course, this is not their main goal, but something that happens along the way while they remain stranded in a town on Christmas Eve. This comedy is nice to watch during the winter holidays, but it can also be your choice for a relaxing evening. It’s a movie about students, friendships, and love stories; exactly what every college period has in store for students. There are many comedies you can choose from and watch, but how do you get to find the time to do this when you are a busy student? There are many tasks to take care of, among which are essays and assignments. To find some time for yourself, you can use a college essay generator to find some ideas to get started in your essay. Like this, you save some time to relax and unwind while watching a comedy.

“The Package”

“The Package” is a movie from 2018 and is not your usual comedy. If you are looking for a student movie that has some elements of dark humor, then you have found the one. In this movie, a group of students is depicted while they search for something they need to find: a piece of their friend’s body that he accidentally cut off. Of course, what follows is worth seeing: a long cycle of bad decisions and funny events that take place while they embark on this strange journey.

“Pitch Perfect”

“Pitch Perfect” is one of those classical student comedies you sometimes long for. If you feel you want to see a musical comedy that funnily presents a group of students in college, then “Pitch Perfect” is the right movie for you. During college, you form many friendships that will last forever. You might also find your love. But you also go through emotional rollercoasters, environmental changes, and disappointment, which simply describe this period.

“The Perfect Date”

“The Perfect Date” is one of the best student comedies out there that depicts a typical situation. There is a student who tries to figure out how to get enough money to pay for his tuition bill. This is one of the things that stresses the most students, so now it is clearly depicted in this 2019 comedy by Netflix. Through an app he created, girls can pay him money just to pretend to be their boyfriend, and it seems that this solution works wonders. Until he falls in love with one of his clients. Finding the time to watch student comedies while in college can seem challenging, but actually finding the time to do this can help you relax and unwind. Many of these comedies approach different subjects, but they all are related to what happens during university years. So, take some time to enjoy these movies and have a good laugh.

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