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Top 5 Canine Actors in Featured Movies

Everyone loves a pup or two (and if you don’t, who ARE you?!), so we thought we would make a list of the Top 5 Dogs that we’ve seen in movies. Of course, this list could go on forever but here’s just a few to make you smile. 

5. Beasley the Dog (Turner and Hooch, 1989

Beasley, a French Mastiff, made his official debut during Turner and Hooch, where we all fell truly in love with his cute little wrinkles, and loved-up eyes. He lived to the grand age of 14 years old and captured everyone’s hearts as the companion of Tom Hanks (Turner). 

4. Bailey the Dog (A Dog’s Purpose, 2017

Bailey, a Golden Retriever, is arguably the cutest cast member from A Dog’s Purpose – although perhaps Bryce Gheisar, the adorably precious 8-year-old also part of the cast, could compete for that title. His golden-coloured fur along with his floppy ears make him an undeniable sweetheart of the movie industry. 

3. Layla, Chico and Forrest the Dogs (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, 2009

Even though three dogs were cast for the role of Hachi at different stages of this movie, they all deserve a combined spot on this list. They are Akita dogs, one of the fuzziest and sweetest-looking doggie pals ever known, and play their roles exceptionally. As heart-wrenching as this movie may be, the precious looks on these dogs’ faces make it a worthy watch. 

2. All 22 Dog Actors (Marley & Me, 2008

22 separate yellow Labradors were used during the filming of Marley & Me, encapsulating how the dog grew up alongside the family. Whilst it would be preferable to reserve 22 different spots on this list for each individual canine movie star, perhaps it is easier to group them together and simply appreciate how well-trained, adorable and unbelievably loveable each pup is in the film.  

  1. Benjean the Dog (Benji the Hunted, 1987

Benjean, a mutt (cocker spaniel, poodle, and schnauzer mix breed), was rescued from being a stray at a young age and pioneered in a variety of movies throughout her lifetime. She was the star of Benji the Hunted, in which she plays a maternal and caring pup. Her variety of fur colours, coupled with her slightly ragged look makes her a cinema sweetheart you can’t help but fall in love with. 

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