6 Movies To REALLY Get You In The Mood For Summertime

Thanks to the recent wave of unimaginable heat and stifling, no-breeze weather that has just descended upon the U.K., we only thought it appropriate to come up with a list of some good-vibes, summertime movies to make you fall in love with the heat (if possible). Enjoy watching one or two of the following, with an ice lolly or two in hand if you can! 

  1. Grease, 1978 

It’s undeniable that Grease is a true summer romance movie. Falling in love at the beach, spending more and more time together before a dancing fest at a summertime carnival – it all adds up to one romantic, sun-filled movie with the power to make anyone get up and dance along. Who can help but sing along to the final song in the soundtrack: “You’re The One That I Want”? Overall, this movie is a classic representation of the ups and downs of summertime. 

2. Mamma Mia, 2008 

The cheesy vibes of this movie, coupled with the picturesque filming location of Greece, make it an all-time classic to watch in the summertime with a glass of wine (or two). Not only does the world-renowned song “Lay All Your Love On Me” take place on Kastani Beach, but the wedding takes place on the Island of Skópelos; both are beautiful depictions of the summer weather in some of the most wonderful sceneries the world has to offer. Mamma Mia is an excellent film to watch when you just need a little summer joy in your life, and a little Colin Firth of course. 

3. Before Sunrise, 1995 

This movie will send your emotions through the ups and downs, ultimately leading you to fall deeply in love with love itself. Simply watching these two somewhat ‘strangers’ adventure throughout an unknown city, exploring each street and learning more about the other as they go, is enough to find yourself longing for a short-lived summer romance just like this. Their bond develops quickly as they wander through Vienna together, soaking in the last sunrays of the evening and putting us all in the mood for some much-needed summer adventures. 

  1. Call Me By Your Name, 2017 

The scenery of Italy in the heat of the summertime alongside a blossoming romance is certainly something worthy of this list. The splendid beauty of the location of the filming is something to behold, and makes it challenging to choose whether to look at the background scenery, or the likes of Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer! Their undeniable desire and passion for love is certainly something to get you in the mood for a mystical, whisked-away romance this summer time. 

5. Adventureland, 2009 

During the summer of 1987, we get to watch James Brennan find himself stuck working at a local amusement park in order to make up the sufficient funds to travel around Europe – his lifelong dream trip. All appears lost and he ends up dreading the summertime; that is until he meets fellow amusement worker, Em. We’re lucky enough to watch them grow closer as they both struggle with their deadbeat, summer jobs and find solace in their lengthy conversations and closeness with one another. The constant “will they, won’t they?” ambiance of this movie makes it a great watch for the reminiscent teenager in you! 

6. My Girl, 1991 

This heart-wrenching, coming-of-age movie is certainly one worthy of a spot on this list. It takes us through the innocence of childhood friendships and meaningless, youthful crushes whilst teaching mature lessons about the importance of a good friend. The duo makes unimaginably adorable memories as they explore throughout the summer and spend their days riding bicycles side-by-side. It is their precious, undoubted friendship that makes this movie such a sweet watch during the summertime – that is, of course, if you can be prepared for a tad bit of heartbreak to go alongside it. 

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