3 Best Books To Develop Your Skills In Casino

Get a sneak-peek into a world of gambling literature and follow the footsteps of legends who changed the game, while occasionally beating some casinos by using their supreme skills. 

Let’s face it, some of us play poker and roulette for fun or excitement while others actively search for ways to beat the house and make some serious money. If you are in the latter group of players you’d better start practicing, because you will need some sharp skills when going head-to-head with today’s online casinos. Practice makes perfect, but game theory is also very important and there is a ton of fine gambling literature available for young players eager to soak up this ancient knowledge left by the pros. Doing some research about books that help in casinos will give you a list of titles ranging from poker strategy guides to sports betting testimonies. These were written by pros who, at some point in time, managed to beat casinos on their own turf, so prepare yourself for some exciting reading!  

‘Bringing Down The House’ – Ben Mezrich 

You have probably heard about a team of students and professors from MIT who ravages Las Vegas casinos for years by using card counting techniques. Blackjack was their game of choice and their earnings were astronomic which lead many casinos to upgrade their blackjack rules plus security measures. They didn’t pick blackjack by accident and card counting is something one can learn with a little bit of practice, plus this game provides a better house edge than pokies or other table games. Learning some card counting basics will get you many rewards in your future gambling career unless pokies are really your thing. Even so, one can use many practices implemented by the MIT squad and use them in any casino game, even pokies. Clever use of casino bonuses or free spins is the most popular pokie strategy but what is more clever is meticulous planning before executing which is exactly what this book teaches you. Even the best online pokies with free spins  can be beaten by sticking to a plan and controlling your game. That is how the MIT team made millions in blackjack and to learn all the details make sure you read this great book. 

‘Sharp Sports Betting’ – John Ferguson

This book was written by John Ferguson: a man who was a role model for Billy Walters, the world’s most famous sports bettor alive. If you are a fan of American sports and you love to bet once in a while, get ready for a crash course about stats, betting strategies, and bankroll management in this gambling literature bestseller. Forget about cheap advice like getting 120 free spins for real money , and see the world of sports betting through the eyes of a man who eats, sleep, and breeds gambling. He tells you the real truth, that one must commit himself to betting if he intends to make some real money, or otherwise it is just wasting your cash. 

‘Super System’ – Doyle Bronson 

For some cooking advice, ask Jamie Oliver, but if one needs some poker advice, you’d better asks Doyle Bronson: the legend himself. Among all books to help win poker, this one stands out as an instant classic for one simple reason. Mr. Doyle has a theory that all people pretend to be someone else just to survive or appease other people, and he uses that theory at a poker table. This theory must be at least partially true, because Mr. Doyle is a certified millionaire plus a multiple WSOP champion. The best thing about this book is that one can use the explained strategies even in an online casino (if you prefer online play).  

Your exploration of the gambling world should not stop with these titles and they should be just the beginning of your journey through casino’s literature. Also, don’t focus only on literature – focus on movies, TV series, or gambling shows. Learn as much as you can, soak up advice from the legends and then try putting that advice into practice whenever possible. If you are really into making some real money from gambling, you have got to be professional about it and act like a pro at all times. This means always elevating your game by finding new interesting reads about card games, sports betting, or even slots. Keep reading, continue practicing, and keep having fun! 

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