5 Best Oscar-Nominated Short Films To Watch In 2021

The film enthusiasts and lovers are always waiting round the year to watch the best movies, especially those that are Oscar-nominated. Most of us like the long 2-hour binge movie break. However, short films are equally amazing and provide an insight into subjects untouched. These are 40-minutes or less to watch, but they explain the subject beautifully. The year 2021 is also going to witness a few Oscar-nominated movies. Let’s take a sneak peek into these movies and how they will prove a treat to viewers’ eyes and minds.

Colette By Anthony Giacchino

This movie falls under the best documentary with a short subject where the 90-year old woman Colette visits the ‘German Concentration Camp.’ It is the place where her brother died. The documentary portrays the aspects of history, and it is stated to be an insightful watch. The viewers find this 25-minute movie running high on emotions.

The Letter Room By Elvira Lind

This Live-Action short film shows an empathetic correction officer sent to the prison’s letter room. There he reads the personal letters written to an inmate on death row. Elvira Lind directed it. This short film displays the tribulations of a lonely soul. This film somewhere throws light on the life of the people who are the prisoners of the system. It has adult comedy and a type of breezy narrative.

Two Distant Strangers By Martin Desmond Roe And Travon Free

This Oscar-nominated short film clearly exhibits what America is going through right now. It falls under the best live-action short film. This Netflix short movie has the words ‘I can’t breathe’ central to it, which shook humanity and American cities’ protests. In this 32-minutes powerful short film, a man was trying hard to get home to his dog. This short film is seen as the most fitting winner in this category.

Natkhat By Shaan Vyas 

India is a land of diversified culture and community. The movie Natkhat with Vidya Balan in the lead role of a mother teaches the values of gender equality in her son when she sees him leaning towards the ‘patriarchal norms.’ This 33-minute short film beautifully describes the mother-son relationship. 

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Feeling Through By Doug Roland’s

This short film is a 19-minutes flick that showcases the self-discovery journey minimally. Roland has presented the movie under the Live-Action shorts category, and the format fits well here. A homeless youth text to find a place to stay. His encounter with the deaf-blind man leads him on the self-discovery journey. The powerful showcase of forms of communication is shown and how we take a few things for granted. It is the first Oscar-nominated short film that has featured a Deaf and Blind actor in a lead role.

These are a few Oscar-nominated short films that will break various life patterns for sure this year. The performance and showcase of emotions can be seen in these and other presented movies. So, check out these short films and feel for yourself!

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