Victoria – Short Film Review

A florist receives a surprise visit from her ex-wife, uneasy at the next round of coming out.

I found this film a beautiful and interesting watch. First in terms of visuals, we spend just under 8 minutes in a tropical paradise, the most beautiful and wild florist shop I have ever seen, yet it’s still chic and classy. The greens of the leaves ignite the pinks and reds of the buds, creating a stunning backdrop for the action that takes place. I find this short interesting because it’s something we don’t normally see, and if we do, it’s not handled in a respectful way.

Coming out as who you truly are can be difficult for everyone, but to reveal who you are when you are a parent can be even more difficult. As well as changing your world, you’re changing it for your partner and your child. We teach young people about self-expression and being yourself, but with a topic like this, people argue that keeping it hidden is better. Whether you’re a parent or not, you should be able to reveal who you are and be listened to and respected, and this film allowed us into a world where the family were happy that the person had had the strength but are unsure with how the rest of the world will accept the other family members.

Unless we are trans, we will never ever fully understand what it means and what comes along with it. Lorena López and Abril Zamora star brilliantly as ex partners who only want the best for their child. You can see the love, the pain, the understanding as they’ve stepped away from each other’s lives. They use a flower that changes gender as a metaphor to describe their feelings, and mirroring the flower shop around them, we can begin to learn like them.

Victoria is well written and executed, telling a story that doesn’t always get told in that way. Whether viewers see themselves in it, or as something they can learn from, I feel it’s something you should make time to watch.

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