Top Movies About Natural Catastrophes

Would you like to feel your pulse racing? Then you visit the amusement park, go here for a sign up bonus for online betting, or watch movies about catastrophes. Here are the best films about true disasters.

Als de Dijken Breken, 2016

A major hurricane is coming to the coast of the Netherlands and Belgium, threatening to flood everything around it. The government hesitates to declare evacuation, because it will cause imminent economic losses, and does nothing until it is too late to flee.

Only the Brave, 2017

A team of firefighters in Arizona is confronted with a terrifying wildfire caused by a lightning strike. Twenty firefighters find themselves in a ring of fire. The movie is based on real events that happened in June 2013.

Lo Imposible, 2012

Although the film tells the story of a certain Bennett family fleeing a tsunami in Thailand, the events actually happened to Spaniards. Former doctor Maria Belén Alvarez, her husband Enrique and sons Lucas, Simon and Tomás were vacationing on the coast in 2004 when the disaster struck. All five survived, but Maria lost half her leg and was on the verge of death. Here is one interesting thing. The producers of the film heard the story on Spanish radio.

The Day After Tomorrow, 2004

One day it turns out that global warming is actually leading to a worldwide ice age. The main characters get stuck in New York City at the very tipping point, when a great cold should descend on the northern US states, capable of sending any living thing into a deep freeze in seconds.

Hours, 2013

2015. New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina is rapidly approaching the United States. Nolan Hayes brings his eight-month pregnant wife to the hospital in the middle of the night – she’s not feeling well. It turns out that her liver is failing and she dies. He manages to save his daughter and she is now in a ward for premature babies.

But then a hurricane hits the city. The power goes out, and now Nolan has to come up with an urgent plan to save his daughter. She can’t breathe without a ventilator.

The Finest Hours, 2016

A storm of unheard-of force rages off the coast of Cape Pod. A tanker at sea is damaged and the crew is in distress.

A young Bernard Webber on the Coast Guard watch is assigned to rescue the sinking crew. Though everyone thinks it’s a suicide mission in this storm, he and three friends put to sea.

The Day After Tomorrow, 2004

Jack Hall works as a meteorologist and hypothesizes that a new ice age awaits the planet. He is ridiculed and no one takes his calculations seriously. Soon, however, cataclysms start occurring all over the earth. A super cyclone hits Canada, instantly turning everything into an icy desert. The U.S. government begins a rush to evacuate the population. And Jack himself is sent to New York, where his son Hall was to participate in the mathematics contest.

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