Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – Film Review

Borat came in 2006, and the whole world was in shock; how could one create such a movie! It was the first time when Borat yelled, “Jagshemash!”. Even the people who went to the cinema for this movie loved this movie, and it became a super hit. Borat was an unusual movie where they show prejudice and stereotypes at its peak.

Now, this year, you can see the sequel of Borat on Amazon Prime. Borat Subsequent was the second part of Borat. However, the storyline is a bit more political, offensive, but true. This movie makes you laugh, cry, and think about the stereotypes at the same time. This movie has a very unique and fabulous concept.

Borat is a Kazakh journalist who sent to America in 2006, and he becomes famous in America, but he reveals this nation’s underlying prejudices. He Is a racist, homophobic, and misogynist person. So, when he returned to Kazakhstan, Government officials tortured him and insulted him as he reveals his nation’s low and discriminated mentality in front of the world.

Then, Kazakhstan’s president has a very devious idea, and he wants Barat to go back to the USA. When Borat knows that he will be a journalist again and going back to the USA, he becomes happy, and his mission is to present a gift to the USA’s famous leaders. However, taking these leaders’ names will be inappropriate, but the whole scene is hilarious when he returns to the USA.

After the first movie, Kazakhstan now has come to the laughing stocks for other countries. Other nations are laughing at Kazakhstan. So, now Kazakhstan hates the USA and every other country. A local man stole Borat’s house, wife, and son. Borat’s sons are ashamed to call him father. His only daughter loves him and considers him the smartest man on the earth.

However, in Kazakhstan, women are not treated as men, and they have to face discrimination. These women haven’t seen the real world, so they think that behavior with them is normal. Kazakh women have accepted the fate of racism and prejudice. So, when Borat went to America again, people started to know him, become he became famous for his first movie.

Borat received a parcel from his country, and he was expecting a monkey present for the USA’s leaders. When he opens the package, his daughter comes out from it. Initially, he refuses to take the parcel. Still, when he realizes that the USA’s leader has tremendous interest in women, he decides to give his daughter a present to the leader.

You should probably start vaping after the second half of this movie. Some scenes are unpredicted and may be offensive to people who worship the current US government. Sacha Borat went to Trump Tower to meet the USA’s leaders, but his several attempts fail. Then he and his daughter want to a beauty salon and hospital for more exciting things.

Borat’s daughter has realized that the rules and laws from her country were all fake and wrong. Women and men are equal in the USA. So, she became a journalist in the USA, and then the emotional twist came. In the end, you will see the great secret that you can connect with the current pandemic situation. It’s a great movie to see and broaden your mentality.

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