Movies And TV Shows With Winning Bingo Numbers

It is really tricky to pick a winning number on bingo whether you play online or offline. Well, there are no strategies or tricks that guarantee to win in the game of Bingo, but still, we all have an instinct that fate may play a bigger role here as well. While playing bingo or any other casino game, we all want to win and that’s why we choose everything that has luck in it. Picking up the random number in the game of bingo is really hard and that is why sometimes we are left blank. But sometimes what is lucky in the fictional world can play its magic in the real world as well.

There are several movies and TV shows that have shown their characters playing bingo and eventually win the jackpot. In this article, we have shown some of the best lucky bingo numbers from movies and shows that you can try. Well, we are not telling you that these lucky numbers from movies and shows will assuredly work for you, but sometimes it’s worth giving a shot. You can try these numbers playing free bingo games at 888ladies.com and test your luck because playing free games can give you the glimpses of how real money games work.

Paycheck (2003)

Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman star in Paycheck, and it didn’t impress film critics at the time, but viewers have shown a great love for this science fiction movie years later. Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick, this movie tells the story of an engineer, player by Affleck, who develop new improved technology from his clients’ competitors. In order to keep things private, he has to go through wiping certain parts of his memory. But while on a certain project, he notes down the winning bingo number before undergoing the memory wiping method.
The noted numbers by Affleck in the movie were 4-17-22-26-37-44-70. You can try these luck numbers from lucky Ben Affleck.

Lost – (2004 – 2010)

This, Golden Globe and Emmy recipient, TV show also has lucky bingo numbers for bingo players. Lost consists of six seasons and ran from 2004 to 2010 on ABC. The show received huge success in its early seasons. The show was a puzzle in itself. The story starts with a plane crash and then it grew to render all the unexpected twists and thrills. There are a number of mysterious storylines in the show and one of them was set on bingo.

Hurley (a character in the show) found a document with mysterious random numbers, it is later revealed that it was the number combination that won him the jackpot. The winning bingo numbers were 4-8-15-16-23-42. Well, in the show, these lucky numbers were not “lucky” for other characters as they think of it as a bad number, but they worked for Hurley and won him some money so, they should on your trying list as well.

Lucky Numbers (2000)

Lucky Numbers is a black comedy from 2000 which has Lisa Kudrow and John Travolta in the lead role. The story is inspired by the real incident known as the 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal. Travolta plays the character of a weatherman on the television and he enjoys great fame. In an attempt to use his fame, he tries to make more money by snowman dealership, but eventually, he lost lots of money since there was a warm winter season.

He tries some other ways to get out of the misery but all failed. That’s when he decides to rig the lottery along with his girlfriend, played by Lisa Kudrow, and ensures that her cousin Walter buys the ticket with winning numbers. Well, with the lucky bingo numbers 7-9-16-22-27-70, they got the jackpot, but then the story unfolds other twists and turns.

It Could Happen to You (1994)

This is another movie that is inspired by the real-life incident but most part of the film is fictional. The movie, starring Nicolas Cage and Bridget Fonda, tells the story of a New York Police Department officer and a waitress. One fine day while dining at the restaurant, Cage is unable to pay a tip to the waitress but promises to share his winnings with her if he ever wins big in the future as a way of apology.

Eventually, he wins a bingo jackpot in a lottery and he completes his promise of sharing the winning money with the waitress. Well, we have described the movie as simple and happy-to-go but it has numerous twists when the officer’s wife interferes. The lucky bingo numbers for the character of Cage were 6-8-12-16-26-64.

The Lottery Ticket (2010)

This comedy film from 2010 doesn’t have any big stars like the aforementioned titles but it surely gives some lucky bingo number to try our luck. The fill goes on to tell the story of a young man named Kevin who buys a lottery ticket along with his grandmother on his lucky number and wins $370 million as the jackpot. Due to the Weekend of the Fourth of July, the claims office is closed and they need to wait for a few days to open. So, they decided to keep this as a secret, their neighbours came to know about it and they develop an interest in Kevin.

This film is worth watching for a pastime. You can try Kevin’s lucky numbers which were 4-21-32-33-42-45.

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