Faulty Roots – Short Film Review

Lola (played by Ella Greenwood) and Zack (Sani Thabo) are both facing difficulties. Their mothers push them together, hoping to create a friendship.

This film looks at things we should all talk about more. Whether physical or mental health, no one should feel alone. Writer, Director, Producer and star of the film Ella Greenwood really pushes this conversation to take place in her new short film. 

Films like this can be a touchy subject to many, however I feel the approach to this was done really delicately. You can truly see that each person part of the film feels that emotions and feelings are important and should be shared. Everyone has something happening, and it can often feel extremely isolating, even if you’re surrounded by many, and this film really looks into how people feel and deal with their health problems.

The use of colour really was great. If you watch the film and don’t notice it, you clearly haven’t opened your eyes. Pink is the most prominent colour used, suggesting a very light, and pretty picture, however the story is far from that. I then loved how the character Zack introduced red. Possibly suggesting danger or even romance, we are unsure by him, just like Lola, yet are intrigued by his kindness and opposite to the harsh colour.

Ella Greenwood on the set of ‘Faulty Roots’

Sarah Eastwood plays Susan, Lola’s mother, and I feel the script really is written well in the dialogue between the two characters. To have a serious conversation sound natural is difficult, but I liked how it was done. Opening up to parents about health problems is tough, but to see it be done in such an open way, does tell the viewer that it will be ok.

Bringing hope to young people really was a brilliant way to frame this film. You aren’t broken, just faulty, but faulty things can be fixed. To write something so powerful at just the age of 18, Ella Greenwood really has done well.

Raising awareness of these sorts of things is so important. To a lot of people, these feelings are a taboo thing. We need to change that, and it’s this sort of thing that will get the conversation going. If you feel like you need help, please reach out. You are not alone.

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