Caroline Vazzana Talks Fashion Week And Being Backstage At Runway Shows

In this interview with Close-up Culture, influencer and writer Caroline Vazzana previews fashion month and shares her best style secrets.

Q: Fashion month is fast approaching. How do you prepare for what I imagine is a hectic and exciting month for you?

A: Yes! Fashion month is definitely a crazy, but very exciting time! As far as prep goes, major things for me include planning out my schedule, pulling looks from brands, and coordinating my travel for Milan and Paris fashion weeks! 

Q: What are you most excited for this season?

A: I love seeing what trends are coming! Fashion month is a time to get excited and to see what trends designers will be introducing in the coming seasons! 

Q: What have been some of your favorite memories from prior fashion months?

A: There’s a few! I’d have to say my very first fashion show ever, which was back when I was in college. I attended the Anna Sui show! And then again a year ago when I went to my first Paris fashion week. 

Q: Can you give us insight into the behind the scenes at runway shows and fashion presentations?

A: At a fashion show, attendees sit in the audience while the models come out and walk down the runway. Whereas at a presentation, the models all stand in one spot and we move around. The behind the scenes at both though are super exciting, I feel lucky that I’ve gotten to have a few backstage moments. All of the models are in hair and makeup, getting ready for the run through – the feeling and excitement is just indescribable! 

Q: How did you form your fashion voice? Is there a moment you can pinpoint where it really began to take shape?

A: When I worked at Teen Vogue out of college! I think that’s when I really started to find my fashion voice. Though I worked on the print team I was able to write for digital and get my first few bylines and those moments really taught me so much and shaped me into a better writer. 

Q: What are some of your best style secrets?

A: For me personally, my style is very eclectic, so there are no rules! Wear what brings you joy, what you love, even if it might not be the most trendy item. Always dress for yourself! In terms of putting together a look, I always tell people to embrace colors and prints, because it’s often something many people shy away from. 

Q: There is something about the fashion industry that can be slightly intimidating. What would your advice be for someone who has self-doubt over trying to become more involved in this world?

A: Read my book! Haha but really, I wrote a book called Making it in Manhattan and it’s a beginners guide to getting your foot in the door of this super mysterious industry. I pull back the curtain and get super real about what it’s like and how you can make it too!

Q: What self-doubt have you overcome in the fashion industry?

A: I think we all deal with self-doubt at one time or another! Personally, since a big part of my job revolves around social media, I can sometimes find that I’m comparing myself to others. I think it’s important to never lose sight of your goals and why you started on this journey. 

Q: And lastly, what should we be keeping an eye out for during fashion month?

A: I’ll be documenting everything over on my Instagram @cvazzana and on my site MakingManhattan.com so make sure to check them out for all of the fashion month excitement! 

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