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What Is Your Favourite Christmas Movie Of All Time?

Which film is top of your Christmas list? Do you seek out laughs with Buddy in Elf? Do you prefer to reach for the tissues with the drama of Love Actually? Do you go rogue with big explosions and jocular remarks in Die Hard? Or do you cherish the charms of James Stewart in It’s A Wonderful Life?

Close-Up Culture want to know your favourite Christmas movie – and why – ahead of our Christmas Special Podcast. Comment below to let us know your pick and we will read it out on the show. We would also love to hear any film-related Christmas stories or memories you have – so please feel free to share!


  1. Without question the best holiday movie is It’s A Wonderful Life. I watch it twice a year (once before Christmas, and again on Christmas day). I pray Hollywood won’t do a remake of it. It’s A Wonderful Life is a classic that should never be touched.

  2. Not sure if this counts but we always watch pirates of the caribbean at christmas. its become tradition to watch it after we eat. you could say captain jack sparrow is our santa claus

  3. When I was child I would watch The Nightmare Before Christmas every night of December. I can still quote every line and beg my family to watch it on Christmas Day

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