Close-up: An Interview With Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne

Rising star Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne joins us on Close-up Culture to talk about her impressive lead role in Psychobitch.

Directed by Martin Lind, the film follows class outcast Frida (played by Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne) as she forms a turbulent relationship with school favourite Marius (Jonas Tidemann).

Q: Frida is a class outsider, most likely by her own choice. Could you see any of yourself in Frida or is she the complete opposite of you?

A: This question is interesting, since I do relate to Frida in some ways. I enjoy being myself and being creative, but there are many things she would do that I wouldn’t have the guts to do myself. I think this is a big part of why I thought it was a huge, fun and challenging part to play.

Q: How did director Martin Lind help bring this ‘Psychobitch’ character out of you? 

A: Martin Lund was always a big help for me and Jonas. He pushed us out of our comfort zone and that helped.

His script also depicted really well the society and the life of teenagers now, which was very interesting. I was really driven by his script, particularly the interpretation of the ‘perfection generation’.

Q: The trailer shows Frida screaming, throwing things and generally acting unruly. How did you find the experience of embodying Frida? Was it empowering, draining, exciting, or something else?

A: Well, there were a couple of scenes that were quite challenging, but those scenes really made it easier for me to embody her. Acting unruly has always been a dream for me, to step out of myself and try something new. For sure it was draining, but at the same time I felt some sort of empowerment.

Q: The film follows Frida’s turbulent relationship with classmate Marius. What do you feel we explore and uncover through their relationship?

A: They certainly have something going on. In the film they discover curiosity and affection for each other, and that causes some sort of a turbulent relationship. 

Q: I read a review of the film that complimented your chemistry with Jonas Tidemann. What was it like working with Jonas and how did you build that chemistry?

A: Jonas and me really do have love for each other, we are very good friends. We’ve more or less been good friends since the pre-production days. I think my first – and last – audition with Jonas really showed that we had some good chemistry. I think Martin saw that. 

Stylist and makeup: Christina Rønningstad Sørlie
Photographer: Andreas Eggen

Q: You also star in Maria Sødahl’s upcoming drama ‘Hope’. How special was it to be involved in this project alongside Scandinavian acting greats such as Stellan Skarsgård and Andrea Bræin Hovig?

A: I can’t talk much about this matter, but it was a huge honour to act along side both of them. 

Q: Your first acting credit was on last year’s ‘Utøya: July 22’. What first attracted you to acting and how did you find your way into the industry?

A: I started off as an attention seeking little five year old, and had two amazing and creative parents to push me to follow my dreams as an actor. Both of my parents are in this industry and have been since before I came into the world, but I wouldn’t say they were the ‘reason’ for my jump into this industry. They were – and are – my biggest supporters and gave me guidance.

For the most part, I went to as many auditions as I could.

Q: ‘Psychobitch’ allowed you to play a complex lead character. What type of roles do you hope to get in the future?

A: She was certainly complex.

In the future I would love to keep my standards, playing something that really means something not only for me, but for anyone. At the same time I would love to play something far out. Just jumping into something else, like someone more mature or something more crazy than Frida. I haven’t played in an action movie before, that would be fun.

Q: Lastly, what are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

A: My ambition has always been related to my emotions, and what I should and feel like doing. 2020 is a year of cooling down and focusing on my studies, which is what I should and want to do. I have to remind myself that I’m eighteen and in my last year of school before I can be free and do more work. The funny thing is, this is what I told myself in 2018.

Title image – Stylist and makeup: Christina Rønningstad Sørlie
Photographer: Andreas Eggen

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