Chloe Ray Warmoth Talks ‘Trevor And The Virgin 2’ & ‘West Michigan’

Rising star Chloe Ray Warmoth returns to Close-up Culture to chat about Trevor and the Virgin 2 and her upcoming role in the feature film West Michigan.

Q: ‘Trevor and the Virgin 2’ is now out on the Hooked app. What excited you about this second chapter in Martha’s story and returning to this character?

A: Martha’s return in Trevor and the Virgin 2 was exciting for many reasons. I really like how Martha finds her confidence from within and begins to bring it to the outside.

In the beginning of the second episode, we see her craving a more typical college experience; wanting to leave her studying behind to go the “coolest” party of the year. Martha struggles between staying safe in her comfort zone and putting herself out there in a very true and vulnerable way.

I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling. Sometimes the idea of crawling into your bed and watching Netflix is far more appealing than a pool party, I know it can be for me.

At the end of the episode Martha really owns and accepts who she is, which I love. It is my hope that she can inspire other people to do the same and learn that who you are is really enough, just loving and accepting yourself and where you are on your life’s journey can be the most freeing of feelings.   

Q: One of my favorite parts of this second instalment is seeing Martha interact with her friend Deb (played by Idil Bray). How did you enjoy bouncing off Idil and capturing this friendship?

A: Idil is just incredible. She is one of the most positive, hard-working, and hilarious people you will ever meet.

We had an instant closeness that made our scenes a complete blast to shoot. Idil always told the funniest jokes and they just rolled off the tip of her tongue. Many of the scenes you see include a little improv and really showcase her humor.

Additionally, Idil has a huge heart which makes her very similar to Deb. I think regardless of the circumstance, Martha and Deb together will always brighten a room.

The cast of ‘Trevor and the Virgin 2’: Dylan Rourke (Trevor), Chloe Ray Warmoth (Martha), Idil Bray (Deb), Elizabeth Posey (Tilla) and Max Leblanc (Drew)

Q: Much of ‘Trevor and the Virgin 2’ takes place at a pool party. You even have a few scenes in the pool and under water. How did you find the pool party setting and the atmosphere on set?

A: The pool party was so much fun to shoot. The energy on set that day was fantastic. It was just so alive; filled with lots of actors, decorations, music, and fun. The beer pong scene was especially fun to shoot because the cast was so competitive. We would compete both on and off camera. 

Additionally, shooting at the beginning of September in Los Angeles was extremely hot and when we finally got to jump in the pool it felt AMAZING! 

Q: Would you like to return to the Martha character again in the future? If so, what direction would you like to see her go in?

A: Of course we need more Martha! Reuniting with Dylan, Max, and Elizabeth was wonderful and the addition of Idil was perfect. I love the chemistry with this cast and I think it would make a great series. In these shorts everything has to happen very quickly. I would love for the audience to really get to know each character.

As far as Martha goes, I hope to see her find more of a passion in life. I think it would be cool to watch Martha begin to care about a career or a goal that she finds exciting.

I would also love to explore the feelings that live within Trevor and Martha’s relationship. I want to see him be sweet and nervously take her on a date or possibly, not change at all and watch Martha have the self worth to walk away.  

Q: The last time we spoke you mentioned a summer shoot for the feature ‘West Michigan’. I’m looking forward to seeing you in a more dramatic role. How did you find the journey of playing Hannah and conveying the hardships of being a teen?

A: Playing Hannah was a life changing experience. I went with Hannah on her journey through all sorts of feelings that come with depression and questioning the meaning of life, as well as the ups and downs of just being a teen. 

I loved exploring Hannah’s social life as she interacts with some fellow teens she meets on her journey. It really demonstrates that some of our missteps in life open doors for new experiences.

With her brother Charlie, Hannah has less of a cover on. She says what she feels and is never nervous. However, with kids her own age and a boy she might just like, she covers part of herself. While still experiencing all of the emotions, she puts on a mask to makes her seem cooler than she really feels.

Experiencing these feelings and living through these situations was life changing for me. I can’t wait for you to see it!

Q: You are not the only talented creative in your family! This project gave you the opportunity to work with your sibling Riley Warmoth, who is the writer and director of ‘West Michigan’. What was it like collaborating with Riley? Did your closeness help on the project?

A: Riley is a fabulous writer and my best friend. He modeled the story after the relationship that we share. Each scene is riddled with inside jokes or actual instances. Being able to experience them from this new perspective was very special.

Along with writing and directing, Riley played the role of my brother Charlie. Acting with Riley was amazing. There was a built in level of comfort and I was able to go all the way in to affect my scene partner. I think our closeness fostered a really lovely work environment that centered around creating art. 

I was also a producer on this film and working with him in a producer to director capacity was an enriching experience. We were great at bouncing ideas off of one another and worked together to find clever ways to give the film humor and heart as well as being true and sincere.

Chloe Ray Warmoth on the set of ‘West Michigan’

Q: Some of the small town and outdoor locations for the film look stunning – certainly a real change from ‘Trevor and the Virgin’. How did you find the experience of filming in the more personal setting of Thompsonville? 

A: Filming in small towns along the western coast of Michigan was a true artistic experience. 

This is such a beautiful area and very personal to me. There is so much water and sand, and the summers are relatively short, so they are completely celebrated by constantly being in the water or hiking up a sand dune. 

I felt so close to the scenery which made living through the character easier. These experiences were everyday parts of my childhood and it makes me so happy and proud to share this part of me with those who view our film. The beauty of Michigan truly fostered an exciting work environment for everyone involved, as many of the actors are from LA and have not spent time in Michigan.

Discovering amazing places to shoot and watching playback of all the outdoor beauty was exciting. My favorite day was shooting the climax of the film at a spot called Pyramid Point. Looking out over Lake Michigan was so beautiful and made the entire cast and crew smile. We were in awe of this magnificent location the entire time and after we wrapped for the day, we all stayed around to watch the sunset.

Q: I just listened to a Spotify playlist of songs that inspired the film. It was a beautiful and contemplative selection that got me incredibly excited to see the film. What can audiences expect to experience in ‘West Michigan’?

A: I love all the music that inspired and is actually in the soundtrack for this film, I am so happy you enjoyed them as well! Riley truly used this inspiration in his writing and directing and I think the audience will feel that beauty and passion throughout. 

Viewers can expect to experience an array of emotions. We hope this movie will make you laugh and make you cry, but also bring you back to who you are and what makes you feel so deeply. Everyone can find a piece of themselves in this film. This movie will remind you of everything you came from and how you got to where you are today.

Maybe I am biased, but I truly believe it will be an indie-darling and I can’t wait for it to hit the festival circuit starting early 2020.  

Q: As I mentioned in our last talk, you are not short of work at the moment and have lots going on. How do you unwind away from acting?

A: My favorite way to unwind from a long day on set is by being with the people that I love. Sometimes getting so caught in the mindset of your character can leave you feeling pretty lonely. By being with family and friends, watching movies or playing games, I am able to unwind nicely.

Q: Lastly, is there anything else on your horizon that we should keep an eye out for?

A: In addition to West Michigan, I have two more films coming out soon, Greatland, which will be doing the festival circuit and a movie entitled Killer Ransom which I believe comes out around November 1st on Lifetime. So keep your eyes peeled!


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