Mackenzie Couch On Dance, Modern Family And Talk Show Aspirations

Close-up Culture caught up with dancer Mackenzie Couch to talk about her love of all styles of dance, appearing on Modern Family, dreams of hosting a talk show, and more.

Q: What feeling does dance give you? 

A: Dance makes me feel like myself. I feel alive and expressive. 

Q: You are trained in all styles of dance including Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz and Musical Theater. What do you enjoy about trying different styles?

A: I loved being trained in all styles because it makes me feel more prepared to audition for any type of job. 

Q: What has been your standout dance performance or experience so far? 

A: I won a special award at Transcend this year and was asked to perform my solo in the closing show which was pretty cool. They’ve also invited me to tour with them as an assistant this year!

Q: You’ve appeared on ‘Modern Family’ and ‘Fresh Off The Boat’. Do you have any fun memories from your time on these big TV sets? 

A: Yes, so many! Fresh Off The Boat you can actually see me in the same scene twice! That’s some crazy editing, haha.

Modern Family was a big scene with Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons. It took awhile to film because they laugh a lot on set and we were actually all just having so much fun I don’t think we wanted it to be over. 

Q: I hear that you hope to have your own talk show someday. Why is this a dream of yours? 

A: I just love talking! But I’m also really interested in digger deeper into things so I think I would be great at interviewing people and asking them about their lives because I truly want to know! 

Q: Who would be your ideal first guest on your talk show? 

A: Ellen Degeneres because she’s so funny and I could learn so much from her.

Q: What is next for you?

A: Back to school next week and new season choreo starts soon! I’m working on getting more vlogs up on my YouTube channel as well!

Title image by Alex Krux 


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