Close-up: An Interview With Rising Star Ivy Anderson

Australian actress and model Ivy Anderson joins us on Close-up Culture to tell us about her ongoing trip to the US, working on a Netflix project, comparisons to Margot Robbie, and more.

Q: You’ve had a whirlwind week or so. How does it feel to be in the US and already so busy?

A: I’m lucky that I have so many friends and fans in the US and that I get to connect with people here while I’m visiting. I love staying busy and doing as much as I can when travelling.

Q: What is your favourite part of the trip so far?

A: Instabeach was definitely a highlight. Having seen it in previous years when in Australia, being in LA and able to attend this year was great.

Q: I understand one of the reasons why you are in the US is to shoot a Netflix film. Can you reveal anything about it yet?

A: No too much. My role in To The Beat! Back 2 School is a bit of a surprise! You will have to wait and see.

Q: What other exciting plans have you got lined up for this trip?

A: I will hopefully be getting over to the east coast and to New York City. I will be attending BeautyconLA and a few other events while in LA.

Q: We’ve seen a number of Australian artists make it big in the US in recent years. Do you draw inspiration from the likes of Margot Robbie?

A: Funny you should ask that because the casting agent for Neighbours – a TV show in Australia that Margot Robbie use to be on – said that I reminded her of a young Margot. I can only hope to be as successful as her.

Photo credit: Lee Clower
Wearing: Cynthia Rowley 

Q: Can you name a couple of people who you’d love to collaborate with while you are in the US?

A: I’m going to aim high here but I would love to collaborate with either Leonardo DiCaprio on environmental awareness or Ashton Kutcher on human trafficking. Both issues are extremely important for my generation. 

Q: How do you like to unwind away from your creative pursuits of acting and modelling?

A: I surf, I love being in the water. It helps me feel grounded and connected to nature. I love music and play guitar and spend time with my friends.

Q: What type of projects excite and appeal to you?

A: I’m really excited by projects that move me emotionally. I like knowing the story behind the creation of either a brand or project. Something that means something.

Q: And finally, any more ambitions or plans to share with us?

A: I love acting, it has really become a passion of mine. I hope I get more opportunities in the future.

Title Photo credit: Lee Clower

Wearing: Cynthia Rowley 

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