Josh Olsen Previews His ‘Bad Things’ Music Video

Just moments away from its release, singer-songwriter Josh Olsen stops by on Close-up Culture to preview his Bad Things music video.

Q: You’ve put out a few teasers for the ‘Bad Things’ music video on Instagram. What can you reveal about the music video and what we can expect? 

A: This video is a borderline mini-thriller. Lots of stuff in it that will keep your attention and hopefully make you want to watch it over and over.

Q: You’ve said that you tapped into your ‘inner bad guy’ for the video. How did you find the experience of acting and uncovering that side of you on the video? 

A: It’s always fun to play a different character than yourself. I surprised myself a few times during the shoot and really enjoy acting.

Q: Could you picture the video when your were writing the lyrics or did the visuals come to you later? 

A: I had some ideas, but I definitely didn’t see most of the video when I was writing the lyrics. I had some ideas, but the visuals definitely came later once we talked about the concept with the director (Nick Leopold).

Q: Did you have any visual references or inspirations for the video? 

A: We knew that we wanted the video to have a little bit of a thriller vibe. Some inspiration we used was The Talented Mr. Ripely for the boat scene.

LA based singer-songwriter Josh Olsen

Q: Can you tell us about some of the people you collaborated with on the video and your experience on the shoot? Any notable stories to share? 

A: The crew was amazing! A lot were close friends of mine, so it was like a big party the whole shoot.

I think one of the funniest parts of the video was the bar scenes. We shot them at an open bar with the public. The director wanted footage of me drunk and asked me to go and play drunk with one of the bar goers. I guess I got too into it, cause one of her friends came and punched me in the face. Anything for the shot right?

Q: What are your hopes for the “Bad Things” music video when it releases this week?

A: My hope is that everyone takes something away from it, and of course, it goes viral.

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