Watch Out For Me: Sydney Cope Takes No Prisoners In New Music Video

Sydney Cope wields a sledgehammer in the explosive new video for her debut single, Watch Out For Me.

The multi-talented Dallas native arrives on Close-up Culture to give us insight into this fierce music video and her dreams for the future.

Q: ‘Watch Out For Me’ was written about a friend who betrayed you. How excited were you to turns those feelings and lyrics into images/visuals with the music video? Has it been therapeutic for you?

A: I personally do not like drama or getting involved in it in any way. Writing music and putting my emotions into one of my passions has always helped me cope with specific feelings, and is very therapeutic for me. It was so exciting to plan the music video and create a betrayal story to share with others!

Q: We actually see a glimpse of a Taylor Swift vinyl in the video. Were you channelling Taylor or anyone/anything else when you were filming the ‘Watch Out For Me’ music video?

A: I actually wasn’t whenever we were filming the video, but Taylor Swift has always been one of my role models! It’s ironic how her record appeared in the shoot!

Q: It looks like you are having a lot of fun wielding the sledgehammer. And the video also gave you an opportunity to combine a few of your creative pursuits – singing, dancing and acting. What did you enjoy most about the shoot? 

A: Smashing stuff was definitely one of my favourite parts of filming! We actually filmed this video at my dad’s company’s warehouse. It was a really relaxed setting in the filming process, which allowed more enjoyment creating it with my friends and family!

Q: I saw you recently featured on Investigation Discovery’s show ‘Lone Star Justice’. What did you take away from that experience?

A: Lone Star Justice was such a great shoot with the cast and crew. This was actually my first time filming a death scene, and portraying the victim herself. From this project, I learned a new technique and was able to practice it on film!

Q: A few quickfire questions for you: What would be your dream TV show/movie to star in?

A: This is a hard question because there are so many different shows and movies that I love for many different reasons! There is not just one specific show or movie that I would like to star in. I would love to explore all kinds of filming avenues to learn and discover new techniques for one of my great passions!

Q: What would be your dream concert to perform at?

A: It’s actually on my bucket list to perform at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. That is where I attended my first of many concerts ever, and fell in love with the memories the venue brings.

Q: What would be your dream dance gig?

A: I would love to just try everything! My dream dance job would be to film a dance movie like the series Step Up because I would be able to incorporate two of my favourite aspirations in one! There is so much to learn about so many different types of experiences, and I’m interested in learning new aspects and skills to better my performance as much as I can!

Q: The ‘Watch Out For Me’ video feels like another big step in your young career. What is your next big goal or ambition?

A: I’m going to continue writing music to share with others, but my next goal currently is to create an EP or album!

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