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WATCH: Short Film ‘Bats’ Captures The Explosive Dreaminess Of Nightlife

Michelle Savill’s short film Bats is an incredible immersive experience (watch with headphones on for full effect) that follows a group of young people on a night out in Wellington, New Zealand.

With electric colours and pulsating sound, Bats shows how engulfed we can become in these dreamy and explosive late nights. A nocturnal space of unique and strange freedom where we can share our deepest fantasies and our biggest fears – an openness that provokes gritty, sudden changes in Savill’s film to bring the audience back down to Earth.

Bats captures nightlife like few other films have. The drifting thoughts and constant motion as these youngsters explore their youth and parts of themselves they might only dare bring out at night.

Watch Bats on Vimeo

‘Bats’ was named as one of our Best Short Films of 2018

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