Twins Taryn & Shae Beadman On Their Comedy Skits ‘Risk Or Benefit’

Australian twins Taryn and Shae Beadman are winning fans on Instagram with their hilarious comedy skits. Titled Risk or Benefit, the series gives a fun glimpse into the struggles and perks of being a twin.

Taryn and Shae join us on Close-up Culture for a fun chat about working together and their exciting future plans for Risk Or Benefit.

Q: The ‘Risk Or Benefit skits you are putting out are perfect content for Instagram. What gave you the idea for them?

Taryn: We’ve always wanted to do something together, but could never think of the right way to go about it. Our agent suggested us doing comedy skits for our Instagram, literally that night Shae had a dream and came up with the awesome idea of Risk Or Benefit skits. Everyone is always asking “what’s it like to be a twin?” – This was a fun, quirky way of putting it out there.

Q: What is your creative dynamic like together?

Taryn: Great – most of the time, haha!

Shae: No seriously, we have the best time working together. We’re just absolute idiots and bounce of each other really well!

Q: Who/what are some of your comedy influences?

Shae: We’re both Sit-Com obsessed! We don’t have a specific comedian that influences us but we absolutely love Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. These shows and actors inspire us to do what we want to do.

Q: Emma Claiir films and edits the skits. How grateful are you to have Emma involved?

Taryn: Yes, we are so grateful to have her! She’s such a wiz with technology, which is amazing since we’re so technologically challenged. She’s also given us great tips for our Instagram marketing.

Q: What is your vision for ‘Risk Or Benefit’? Do you have any plans to use these skits as a springboard into a series or even a feature?

Shae: 100% YES! When I first had this vision I was immediately thinking this as a springboard for a US Sit-Com series. Once we get enough skits together we’re hoping to pitch this as a series in the future.

Q: The last twins we had on the site were working in two different industries – one an actor and the other an athlete. What has it been like growing up with the same passion? Any risks or benefits?

Taryn: There are so many benefits. We have someone to run lines with, we keep each other motivated and when we do get to work with each other it’s a dream come true! We really are best friends.

Shae: But it can get a little bit competitive sometimes when we’re both going for the same role, haha!

Q: How do you differ in your approaches to acting and your taste in film and entertainment?

Shae: Believe it or not we definitely do differ in ways when it comes to our approach to acting, particularly with the characters we tend to steer towards. I usually go more towards the laid-back, tom boy, “cool girl” type characters. And Taryn will usually steer towards the girly, uptight, “girl next door” types which I guess reflects the differences in our personalities as well.

Taryn: At the end of the day, we’re both really hungry for it and like to challenge ourselves in all aspects of the film industry.

Q: What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

Shae: We hope to see ourselves working and living in LA. Film and television is our passion and what we wan to be doing! And who knows, you might end up seeing the Risk Or Benefit sit-com on your TV in the near future, haha!

Catch Risk Or Benefit on Instagram every Wednesday

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