Sarah Abbott On Netflix’s ‘The Silence’ And Working With Jodie Foster

Sarah Abbott is an award-winning child actor who has already worked with the likes of Jodie Foster and Abbie Cornish in her burgeoing career.

In her latest role, Sarah joins Kiernan Shipka, Stanley Tucci and Kate Corbett as part of the cast for Netflix horror The Silence.

Q: ‘The Silence’ is set to premiere on Netflix on 12 April. Was it daunting to step into a silent-horror and a dialogue-less role?

A: Yes, a little bit. I have never done anything like this, so I really had to think about how to portray the character using only my facial expressions. It was challenging, but fun.

Q: I remember hearing a few interesting stories about the actors on set for ‘A Quiet Place’. Did you – or any of the other actors – have a unique approach to this project?

A: I can’t really speak for anyone else, but what I’ve learned so far in acting is that every actor has their own way to approach a scene. It’s interesting to see sometimes.

Q: Given the quiet of the film, was the atmosphere on set different to what you’ve experienced before?

A: Well, it’s always quiet on set when they yell ‘ACTION’. The difference with this movie was that the actors had to be quiet also. Everyone was very focussed. It was different, that’s for sure.

Q: The film allowed you to work with the marvellous Kiernan Shipka. Is she someone you admire/aspire to?

A: It’s hard for me not to admire the actors I work with. I’ve been very lucky to work with so many talented people in my short career.

Q: Speaking of child actors who have continued to remarkable success, you got to work with the legendary Jodie Foster on the fourth season of ’Black Mirror’. Did you take away anything from the project and your time with Jodie?

A: Jodie Foster was amazing! When I found out she started acting very young just like me, I was so excited to meet her. She is so easy to work with and explained perfectly what she wanted from me. I guess she can really relate to young actors since she was once one herself.

Q: You got your big break when cast as a young Marilyn Monroe in the Lifetime mini-series, ‘The Secret Life Of Marilyn Monroe’. It must have been exciting to play a young version of one of Hollywood’s greats. If you could play any celebrity or public figure – past or present – who would it be?

A: I really can’t think of any celebrity or public figure, but I would love to be in a fast paced drama TV show like Grey’s Anatomy. I just love that show. It would be amazing to work with the same cast week after week and have a longer period of time to develop a character.

Q: I read a wonderful review from Geeks Media about your performance in the Lifetime TV movie ‘Mommy’s Little Princess’. Can you tell us about playing Lizzy and capturing this frightening transformation?

A: Thank you! It was a great movie to work on. It was my first lead role, so I really wanted to do a good job.

Lizzy was such a fun character to play. When I read the scenes and saw the crazy stuff she was doing, I thought: ‘oh boy, I would get in such trouble if I did this in real life!’ I decided to just have fun and not hold back. It was a blast.

Q: I was pleased to hear you are a strong and passionate advocate for animal rights. Can you tell us about connection with animals?

A: I have two dogs and two cats, and three of them are from rescue organisations. I’ve always had animals in my life and I love them. I just can’t understand how anyone could hurt them.

Q: Do you have any other plans or projects to tell us about?

A: You can see me on a new series called The InBetween, which premieres May 29th on NBC. There is also another new series on Netflix later this year, which I hope to be able to mention soon.

As for right now, I’m back to doing auditions and can’t wait to see what comes next!

Title photo by Lilly K.

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