The Best Of Willem Dafoe

As UK audiences finally get to see Willem Dafoe’s acclaimed portrayal of Vincent van Gogh in At Eternity’s Gate, we list off our five favourite performances from one of Hollywood’s most versatile and recognisable actors.

5) The Last Temptation Of Christ (1988)


Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader’s film sees Dafoe take on the daunting role of Jesus.

4) To Live And Die In L.A. (1985)


A breakout role for Dafoe as he plays a killer counterfeit looking to evade the determined protagonist of William Friedkin’s thriller.

3) Shadow of the Vampire (2001)


Dafoe won an Oscar nomination for his portrayal of actor Max Schreck in this account of the bizarre story behind F.W. Murnau’s 1922 vampire film, Nosferatu.

2) The Florida Project (2017)


An incredibly authentic performance means Dafoe’s star power elevates rather than overshadows Sean Baker’s heart-touching film.

1) Platoon (1986)


Dafoe gave us a brilliant performance and one of the greatest death scenes of all time in Oliver Stone’s Vietnam war film.





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