Recasting Retros: Alien (1979)

As Ridley Scott’s Alien turns 40, Close-up Culture attempt to recast one of the greatest sci-fi films to have ever been made. Let us know your picks in the comments below!

Jeremy Renner as Dallas (Tom Skerritt)


The strong and commanding presence Renner brings to many of his roles would make him a solid pick for captain of the Nostromo. He would, however, need to grow a beard and show some weakness in Dallas’ irresponsible decision-making.

Amanda Seyfried as Lambert (Veronica Cartwright)

Veronica Cartwright’s portrayal of Lambert reflected audiences’ sheer terror at the events of Alien. Seyfried’s incredibly expressive eyes would help capture the panicking dread once more.

James McAvoy as Kane (John Hurt)


A remarkable piece of physical acting is needed to execute Alien’s famous chestburster scene. Who better for the task than Split actor James McAvoy.

Martin Freeman as Ash (Ian Holm)


Although Michael Sheen played a convincing robot in The Passengers, we have opted for Freeman to play this deceptive character. Holm and Freeman are already connected by their big-screen portrayals of Bilbo Baggins.

Anthony Mackie as Parker (Yaphet Kotto)


Yes, we have decided Falcon will join Hawkeye on the Nostromo. Mackie is capable of taking us from light comedy to serious tension just as Yaphet Kotto did so well in the original Alien.

Sam Rockwell as Brett (Harry Dean Stanton)


Galaxy Quest and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri star Sam Rockwell has shown he is handy at playing character who aren’t too good with words. He should be able to fill the legendary shoes of Harry Dean Stanton. Right? Right.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Ripley (Sigourney Weaver)


Mary Elizabeth Winstead excelled in the claustrophobic horror of 10 Cloverfield Lane. The role of Ripley requires more flame-throwing action, but we feel she could fearlessly step up to the plate.

Denis Villeneuve directs (Ridley Scott)

alienrc8.jpgVilleneuve did tremendously working with Ridley Scott’s source material for Blade Runner 2049. The Arrival director is well-respected by Scott and would be more than just a safe pair of hands.

Let us know your picks in the comments!


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