Into The Spotlight: Elli Moore On Her Debut Single ‘Gateway’

As part of the highly successful female production/writing duo LYRE, Elli Moore has been behind a number of chart-topping tunes over the last few years.

Yet the LA-based artist has now decided to show off her jaw-dropping talents in front of the microphone by releasing her debut single, Gateway. A catchy and intelligently crafted tune that compares a toxic relationship to a gateway drug.

Elli joins us on Close-up Culture to chat about her fun, upbeat and relatable debut single.

Q: Your first single, ‘Gateway’, is out now and officially stuck in my head for at least the next month. How are you feeling now that the hard work is done and the song is out there?

A: Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! It’s definitely very rewarding, considering I have been a writer/producer for other amazing artists for the past few years. It’s nice to finally have the world hear my voice and the things I want to say. I’m very grateful for the reaction as well; it’s been unreal.

Q: You co-wrote ‘Gateway’ with LYRE partner Alina Smith. Can you talk about putting the song together and how much it was influenced by your own experiences?

A: Working with my best friend is a whole experience in itself; we have so much fun together. It’s so interesting, considering we write other people’s stories all day long.

When I’m venting to her about my life, she knows every little detail, so the song is filled with tiny hidden messages. The story is very real, and writing it released a lot of real emotions for me. I’m very connected to it and I hope other people are too.

Q: Nayip Ramos, who has worked with Madison Iseman and Camila Cabello in the past, directed the music video. Can you talk about working with Nayip and what you wanted from the video?

A: Funny you say that, because Madison was actually on set of the Gateway video; she is a sweetheart! I can’t say enough amazing things about Nayip, he is such a great friend to me first, and I think our work together really shows that.

I came in with the concept and he really took my idea and gave it a clear brand. I can’t see the colors pink, blue or purple in a combo without thinking of the set! He is always wanting to create something iconic, and that’s such a goal, when you are making a pop music video. I could go on about him; he really made this song’s story come to life.

Q: The music video also features familiar faces such as Niki Demartino, Gabbie Hanna and Saxon Sharbino. How excited were you to get them involved and have their support?

A: Everyone in the video, that you see, worked with us on their own music and are also such great friends of mine! When I individually asked everyone to be in it, the response was unbelievable; everyone was so on board, excited and supportive. I am very grateful to have made something so fun with the people I love.

Q: You also do the singing voice for Barbie on TV shows and movies. That must be a pretty surreal gig, right?

A: I do! The Netflix series Barbie Dream House Adventures season three just came out, and in episode three there is a song my friend Jordyn Kane wrote, that I sing, called Lead You Home. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen my voice put to animation. It’s a super fun job, since I get to work with another friend, and the 12-year-old me is in shock that I even get to be the singing voice for Barbie. So wild!

Q: What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

A: Honestly, the dream is big, but my hope is that I get to keep making music and perform it live for people, that connect to the songs and stories I have to tell. I just want to be making music forever and I hope I get to do that.


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