Close-up: An Interview With Meika Woollard

Model Meika Woollard arrives on Close-up Culture to chat about her recent trip to South Korean, adapting to different cultures, her admiration for Taylor Hill, and much more.

Q: You’ve spent the last few weeks in South Korea. How are you finding the experience and what have you been up to?

A: It’s been amazing. The people are fantastic and very easy to work with. It’s pretty cold here so I’m finding that a little hard as I’m missing Australia’s summer (laughs). But everyday is busy with castings and photoshoots, I’m lucky. I just finished filming a car TV commercial which was fun.

Q: You’ve done more travelling at your age than most people will manage in a lifetime. Do you find it easy adapting to different cultures and surroundings now? Does anything still shock or surprise you?

A: I feel blessed to be able to travel and do something I love at the same time. I get to meet some amazing photographers, stylists and hair and makeup artists, and work with beautiful labels.

Adapting to different cultures is pretty easy as long as you can communicate with each other, and if you can’t it becomes fun trying to communicate.

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Photo by Steven Chee & Makeup by Stephanie Bottrell

Q: Can you talk about the young model community and making friends with people living a similar lifestyle?

A: You meet so many new models who come from all over the world. You end up hanging out with them and making some friendships that will last a lifetime. Hopefully we will all work together again in some stage of our careers.

Q: Being away from home probably gives you plenty of time to reflect. What do you miss about Australia and what are you grateful for in your life?

A: It does get lonely sometimes especially when your family and loved ones are on the other side of the world. Thank god for FaceTime, it really keeps you connected and feeling like your loved ones are near. The trick is to make friends as soon as you can so you don’t feel lonely.

Some comforts of home I miss are my bed, my favourite foods, my family and friends. I’m so grateful though that I have the ability to see the world while working.

Q: You starred in the music video for Carson Lueders’ ‘Have You Always’. How much fun was that and is acting something you would be interested in pursuing?

A: I had a lot of fun filming with Carson. He is a really nice guy and so talented. He definitely has a great career ahead of him and we had so many laughs while filming.

Acting is something that I am definitely interested in pursuing in the future when I have time to study it properly.

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Photo by Japs Rodriguez & Makeup by Nicky Edwards

Q: Can you pick out a celebritiy who you admire and tell us why?

A: My favourite model is Taylor Hill as I think she is absolutely beautiful and has achieved so much in her career. Hoping I get to meet her one day.

Q: I was interested to hear you want to be a pilot in the future. Has that interest come from your travelling experiences?

A: Ever since I was quiet young I have had a love for planes. I’d always ask the flight attendants if I could sit in with pilots (laughs).

I actually have a flight lesson booked in as soon as I get home from South Korea.

Q: The future is incredibly bright for you and I imagine your ambitions shift all the time. Where would you like to be in 10 years?

A: In 10 years time I hope to still have the love and commitment I have now for modelling and hopefully have a name that is recognised in the industry. Vogue covers and walking for amazing designer catwalks would be nice. Fingers crossed!

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Title photo by Rachel Canale Photography

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