The Best Of Jennifer Aniston

As Jennifer Aniston turns 50, Close-up Culture pick out our five favourite films starring the beloved Friends actress.

5) We’re The Millers (2013)


Aniston is the most enjoyable element of Rawson Marshall Thurber’s comedy as she plays a stripper drafted into a makeshift family for a daring drug-smuggling mission.

4) Dumplin’ (2018)


Aniston stars alongside Danielle Macdonald in this endearing coming-of-age comedy.

3) Cake (2014)


A welcome and impressive dramatic turn from Aniston. She plays a woman suffering from the physical and mental pain of a tragic incident.

2) Office Space (1999)


Mike Judge’s cult classic sees Aniston play a frustrated restaurant waitress who steals the attentions of Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston).

1) The Good Girl (2002)


Aniston won widespread acclaim for her incredible portrayal of a 30-something woman trapped in an unhappy marriage.


  1. I love Jennifer Anniston!! I though she was great in “Dumplin'” and “We’re the millers” I didn’t watch the 3 others, I’ll definitely put them on my watchlist!!

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