Close-up: An Interview With Arden Belle

Arden Belle is an actress who has appeared on TV shows such as Modern Family, Black-ish and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

In her most recent role, Arden switched the small screen for an even smaller screen as she appeared in Snapchat’s episodic series Kappa Crypto. Close-up Culture’s James Prestridge caught up with the charming young actress to talk about the role, realising one of her dreams on set, why she is learning to play pool, and much more.

Q: I was quite surprised when to hear Snapchat were putting out episodic content like ‘Kappa Crypto’. Can you tell us how this opportunity arose for you and what your reaction to it was?

A: I was surprised too! I put myself on tape for the lead role of Maddie, and didn’t hear back for a little while. Then a few weeks later I was offered the role of Olivia and accepted. When I found out it was for Snapchat, I was intrigued because I had never seen Snapchat do anything scripted, so I was excited about the new experience.

Annalisa Cochrane and Arden Belle on the set of ‘Kappa Crypto’

Q: I enjoyed your performance as Olivia. You get some fun lines and facial expressions in there. How much fun did you having playing Olivia and being part of this talented young cast?

A: So much fun. Playing Olivia was great because I was just laughing nonstop with the other girls in between takes. I gravitate toward blunt, weird characters. Working with the other cast members was so great. I love how there were so many ladies and we goofed off together so much. Not only are they all lovely people but everyone is so hilarious in their own unique way.

Q: Were you ever part of a sorority or something similar?

A: I never was! I always dreamed of being in a really cool sorority (because I love House Bunny) but I did all my college classes online.

Q: I saw you got to film at Universal Studios. How did you find the experience? Any fun stories to share from on set?

A: Definitely a dream come true! I used to go on the Universal tram tour and wave to the people I saw working on the lot. I wished I was them. Then as we were filming, a bunch of the tour trams drove by waving at all of us! (And of course I waved back.) That was probably my favorite memory of filming there.

We filmed at the “chicken ranch” which is the house where Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was filmed. I’m a big Dolly Parton fan so it felt so special to me!

Q: How did the process of filming ‘Kappa Crypto’ vary from working on established TV shows such as ‘Fresh Off The Boat’, ‘Modern Family’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’?

A: The on-set experience was pretty similar. The crew definitely knew what they were doing because most of them have a lot of experience. The only thing I’d say that varied was the pace of filming. Kappa Crypto shot very quickly because of how short form the series is, and we had to shoot all eight episodes within one week!

Q: I saw recently on Instagram that you were taking lessons from pool players for a project. Can you tell us about that experience and the project?

A: Yes! I’m currently training in order to play a pool player for a feature film. It’s a coming of age story that takes place in the competitive pool world. I’ve trained with some really badass pool players like Melissa Herndon, Allison Fisher, April Larson, and Ra Hanna. We aren’t scheduled to begin filming until the end of 2019 so hopefully I’ll be really good at pool by then!

Arden Belle and pool player Allison Fisher

Q: Can you tell us more about your background and how/why you got into acting?

A: I first got into acting because I was really curious about it, so my mom took me to an acting class. After that I kinda got hooked, not only because I loved it, but because it frustrated me so much. It was so difficult that I had to keep trying until I felt like I did a good job. And I’ve just kept doing it since then!

Q: What drives and motivates you as an actor?

A: I love how I feel like I can really be myself, or allow a really weird part of my personality show when I’m playing a character. So I guess what motivates me is that I want to play characters that make me laugh, or get my attention in some way. I’ve always been socially shy so it’s nice to be able to channel my personality into a role.

Q: What are your hopes and ambitions for 2019?

A: In addition to pursuing acting work, I’m writing a comedic feature. I’m also producing a dramatic pilot that was written and created by some really talented people. So I’m determined to make these projects come to fruition this year.

I was recently reminded of how important it is to create things on your own. Acting is great but it’s something that depends on someone else’s opinion of your work. So I’m really devoting this year to creating my own content. Wish me luck!

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