Top 6 Films Of The Year (As Reviewed By Jeff Prestridge)

6. A Star is Born

Astonishing performances from Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

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5. Ama

A brave documentary from Lorna Tucker about Native Americans and the enforced sterilisation of tens of thousands of women in the 1960s and 1970s. Jean Whitehorse, the heart of the film, and a victim of the sterilisation process, is a cinematic triumph. Painful to watch. Disturbing.


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4. The Islands and the Whales

A stunning documentary that looks at the importance of whale meat to the islanders of the Faroes. Penned by Mike Day over four years, it examines key issues – the polluting of the seas (manifesting itself in rising mercury levels among the whales slaughtered) and the decline in local wildlife.

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3. Lucky

Harry Dean Stanton’s swan song and a fitting one too. Lucky


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2. The Rider

A look into the world of bronco riding – warts and all. Astonishing performances from the Jandreau family.

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1. Cold War

A beautiful film from Pawel Pawlikowski. A smouldering 15 year love affair between a pianist and singer, set against the backdrop of Communist Poland.

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