Close-up: A Chat With Artist Gyung Studio

Gyung Studio’s work depicts scenes from time spent with his partner. Charming and soothing, these illustrations of the couple have drawn a big social media following from those who can either relate to these cosy images or yearn for a similarly tender connection.

Gyung Studio joins us on Close-up Culture for a quick chat about his work, basketball and making a book.

Q: Much of your work is centred on mini stories and situations involving yourself and your partner. Why do you like to depict these scenes?

A: I have liked to paint since I was young and continued to paint until I graduated from college. After graduating, I joined a company that worked on animation and design. I soon learned that wasn’t really what I wanted to do, so I quit and I decided to work on what I was passionate about.

These cosy and romantic pictures are what I want to draw. I am happy to paint our love story, especially as they allow us to relive these happy moments.

Q: Your work is very personal, what comfort do you get from it?

A: I can think about – and reflect upon – our relationship by drawing. It allows us to feel the joy of these moments again. We feel our happiness through my illustrations and I hope people who see them will feel that too.


Q: Tell us about your background and what led you to art?

A: My father liked to paint when he was young, but my grandfather was opposed to painting. That unfortunately meant my father had to follow down a different career path, despite his love for drawing. When I was young, I played with my father by drawing. I liked drawing and it was a fun way for us to bond. That has continued to this day.

Q: Asides from the couple illustrations, basketball is another subject of yours. Can you talk about your passion for basketball?

A: I like basketball just as much as drawing. I was first introduced to the sport when I was in middle school. It changed me in so many ways. I went from obese to healthy and learned how to socialise with my friends. Basketball taught me the joys of exercising, so I like to express this love in picture.


Q: I saw you were recently in LA. How was the trip? Did you get to see the Lakers?

A: (laughs) Unfortunately, I did not get to see a Lakers game. It was not during a league season then. Even still, travelling to America was like a dream and it was a very pleasant trip.

Q: Are you inspired by other artists or artforms?

A: Hmm… I don’t think there is another media that really effects me in that way. I get my inspiration from my life.

Q: Your book ‘The Moment We Walk Together’ is available to buy for international audiences. Tell us about the book and the process of putting it together?

A: A publisher made me an offer after seeing how many people liked my work on Instagram. They enjoyed my work and gave me the chance to make a book. I am very grateful for the opportunity.

Q: What is next for you and the couple in your illustrations?

A: I’m not sure yet. I will just draw what I want to draw. That could be our love story or something else. I’m not sure either way. But I will always try to do my best and repay those who like and support my paintings.

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