Pevita Pearce On Netflix Horror ‘May The Devil Take You’

Indonesian star Pevita Pearce joins us on Close-up Culture to chat about her role in Timo Tjahjanto’s inventive Netflix horror film May The Devil Take You.

Q: I believe ‘May The Devil Take You’ is your first horror film. Were you nervous about stepping into the genre?

A: I was nervous and exited at the same time, but it was like a dream come true working with Timo.

Q: Timo has a growing reputation in the genre, particularly given his unconventional style. What was he like to work with and how did he help you step into the genre?

A: Since this was my first horror movie, there were so many things to learn. Fortunately, Timo is a visionary and he helped me get into character. It also helped that he knew exactly what he wanted right down to the smallest detail.

Q: I imagine working on a project like this is a great bonding experience. What was it like working with Chelsea Islan (who plays Alfie) and the other cast members?

A: The first time I met Chelsea, we both said we wanted to work together on a movie project. So working together on this movie was really fun! I could not imagine another actor in the role of Alfie – Chelsea was the perfect person to play her.

I loved the energy that we all had on set. Everybody from every division worked hard on this project, giving their best all of the time. It says a lot that I would love to do it all over again.

Q: Do you have any fun or frightening stories to share from your time filming ‘May The Devil Take You’?

A: Everyday was fun. There was always something crazy going on! Not to forget, I had my first opportunity to play a character with a twist psychology and a lot of blood.

Q: Do you have a favourite scene from the film that you can tell us about?

A: My favourite scene is all of the scenes Karina Suwandi appears in. She plays her role with a crazy intensity! Seeing her act is very addictive.

But for my own personal favourite scene, I would say the ending scene between Maya and Alfie.

Q: Do you like horror films and did you find ‘May The Devil Take You’ scary when you saw it in the cinema?

A: I love horror movies! It has always been my favourite genre.

When I saw May The Devil Take You for the first time, I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride – it was gripping! When all the elements (sound design, score, special effects) combine together it creates an unforgettable feeling. It was so scary! I am so proud to have worked on this project.

may the devil

Q: What has the reaction been to the film in Indonesia?

A: There have been so many good reviews in Indonesia and Malaysia. I hope the response will be as good elsewhere.

Q: You also have a role in Mike Wiluan’s action film ‘Buffalo Boys’, which is currently showing at festivals. What can you tell us about that project?

A: Buffalo Boys was so much fun! It has a very unique concept and it was a very big production. We filmed it in two months, and entering that kind of fantasy world was a challenge for me. I really hope there will be a sequel.

Q: You are one of the brightest young talents in world cinema. What can we expect from you in the future?

A: Wow, thank you so much! I am just someone who loves deep diving into every movie role. I will always try to play something totally different from what I have done in the past, so there will be more surprises to come from me!

Q: Finally, why should audiences be excited to see ‘May The Devil Take You’ on Netflix?

A: This movie projects Indonesian mystical culture. It will be something new and different. It is a horror-gore movie with an intense score that will effect your psychology and still be addictive at the same time!

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