‘Welcome Home’ And The Best Of Aaron Paul

Close-up Culture‘s James Prestridge picks his five favourite Aaron Paul films to celebrate news of the Breaking Bad movie and the release of Welcome Home out now on VOD.

5) Triple 9 (2016)


In this star-studded thriller, Paul plays a criminal driven to despair by the murder of his brother.

4) Hellion (2014)


Pauls shines alongside newcomer Josh Wiggins in this tale of a widowed father who has all but given up on life.

3) Eye In The Sky (2015)


Paul captures the unimaginable strains of a pilot tasked with a horrible responsibility in Gavin Hood’s gripping tale of drone warfare.

2) Welcome Home (2018)


Paul channels some of Jesse Pinkman’s internal distress from the latter seasons of Breaking Bad in George Ratliff’s entertaining thriller about a young couple trying to revive their relationship while on holiday. Alongside an equally impressive Emily Ratajkowski, Paul helps elevate this suspenseful flick by bringing a dark edge to a boyfriend who feels his under threat from a mysterious and handsome stranger.

1) Smashed (2012)


James Ponsoldt’s drama about a young, alcoholic couple brings the best out of Paul and the terrific Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Welcome Home is available now on VOD




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