Twilight Turns 10: What Is Your Favourite Scene?

To mark the 10th birthday of the global sensation that was Twilight, Close-up Culture asked some of the film’s most loyal fans to tell us their favourite scene.


My favourite scene from the film is probably the baseball scene. It’s a tough decision to make because I honestly love it all.

I just like the whole feel of the baseball game; that is, before James shows up and interferes. I like how it kind of is different from the whole serious and mature theme of the Cullens (aside from Emmet). I enjoy watching them have fun without any constraints. Also, I like the song playing in the back, and the special effects. I think the entire movie’s effects are just really advanced for the time it was made.

Shaira (@kstewartvevo)

My favourite scene would be when Bella confronts Edward at the hospital after the accident with Tyler’s van. I just loved their dynamics there – the confrontation between the two, Bella’s frustration with just wanting to know the truth, and Edward’s own frustration that she could not be so easily fooled.

I watch that scene a lot and wish Bella had kept that stubborn, pushy, confrontational personality throughout the series.

Chelsea (@twifeed)

It’s very difficult to choose a particular scene out of them all to be my favourite, but mine would probably have to be the split second before Alice’s vision when all of the Cullens are in the living room. It is probably the first time you’ve heard someone say that but it is just so pure. The moments of them as a family really get me.

Leonie (@rkandcinema)

My favourite scene from the first film is the very last scene of Edward and Bella dancing on the gazebo. I love the dialogue between them about their future together and Bella’s aging. When she says she’s ready to be changed into a vampire and holds her neck so that Edward can bite her but he just kisses her and says: “Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me?” – I love that moment so much! I love the reference to the ‘typical’ vampire movies yet Twilight isn’t like that at all.

With a perfect guy like Edward Cullen, I don’t really think one life is enough, but it is definitely a nice start!



My favourite scene out of Twilight is when Bella was originally introduced to the Cullens. The scene was so well put together without dragging it out too much. It was well constructed and informative about the Cullens. Within five minutes of the introduction, you are able to pick an personality/trait for each character based on their posture, attitude and dialogue.

But the most important part is the development of the love between Edward and Bella. Bella is finally in the mind of Edward. He let her into his heart and his home, even playing a lullaby he made for her called “Bella Lullaby”. That is the best part of the scene for me because you watch Bella observing Edward, then closing the distance between them, and analysing a talent that Edward never showed to her until that moment.

Another amazing part about that scene was its input into showing how perfect Bella is for Edward. Her not being intimidated by Edward, which leads to their romantic view from the trees above, still has me swooning. The out-of-this-world romance between these lovers reflected their love for each other and makes this scene my favourite of all time.

Kiera (@kiera_ryn)

It has to be Edward and Bella’s prom dance, which I’ve only seen a few dozen times by now! His sweet gesture of lifting her up so they could dance together, and their conversation about being together forever. A scene perfected with the song Flightless Bird, American Mouth playing in the background.

What is your favourite scene from Twilight? Tell us in the comments

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