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The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary: The Best Of The Coen Brothers

IT has been twenty years since one of the Coen brothers’ finest creations – The Dude – was introduced to the world.

To celebrate this occasion, Close-up Culture have downed a few White Russian cocktails and picked out our favourite films by Joel and Ethan Coen.

10) The Man Who Wasn’t There (2001)


BILLY Bob Thornton stars in this stylish Coen brothers’ neo-noir about a blackmail plan that goes terribly askew.

9) Raising Arizona (1987)


FITTINGLY led by Nicolas Cage, this zany comedy is the tale of an ex-con and ex-cop who steal a child.

8) Barton Fink (1991)


SWEEPING three major awards at Cannes Film Festival, Barton Fink is a provocative Coen brothers’ satire that leaves plenty to unpick.

7) True Grit (2010)


THE Coen brothers gave their own twist on Charles Portis’ novel with Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld taking the leashes from John Wayne and Kim Darby.

6) O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)


SET in the Great Depression and drawing from Homer’s The Odyssey, this Coen brothers film features an tremendous soundtrack and thoroughly entertaining performances.

5) Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)


OSCAR Isaac leads one of the quietest and most underappreciated films in the Coen brothers’ catalogue.

4) Blood Simple (1984)


THE Coen brothers’ debut feature is a thrilling neo-crime starring Frances McDormand.

2) Fargo (1996)


A pregnant cop tails two violent killers through Minnesota in this darkly funny classic.

2) No Country For Old Men (2007)


BEST Picture winner at the Oscars, No Country For Old Men echoes Fargo and Blood Simple in riveting fashion with an unforgettable performance from Javier Bardem.

1) The Big Lebowski (1998)


NOTHING quite ties the Coen brothers’ collection together like The Big Lebowski. Endlessly re-watchable, this twisty and highly-quotable tale is cinema to abide with.

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