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GLOW: Which Actors Do You Want To Step Into The Ring?

DUST off the 1980s professional wrestling gimmicks and squeeze into some spandex, it is almost time for the second season of GLOW.

To celebrate the return of one of Netflix’s better shows in recent memory, Close-up Culture have picked three actors who we would like to see join Alison Brie and co in the wrestling ring. Let us know your picks in the comment section below.

Charlize Theron


ANYONE who has seen Mad Max: Fury Road, Atomic Blonde or Fast & Furious 8 will know Charlize Theron is not to be messed with.

If Theron was willing to don the Furiosa buzz cut once again, she could easily channel the no-nonsense, anti-authority attitude of arguably the WWE’s biggest all-time star Stone Cold Steve Austin. After her antics in Gringo, it is not hard to imagine her flipping the bird, trash talking and beer chugging in a wrestling ring.

Stone Cold Charlize Theron? Hell yeah.

Florence Pugh

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FLORENCE Pugh is already set to appear in a wrestling ring next year as she plays Raya Knight (aka WWE’s Paige) in the biopic Fighting with My Family.

The role gives one of Britain’s most promising young actors the perfect excuse to step into a WWE – or GLOW – ring to promote her movie and show us what she has learnt.

Ella Rumpf


FOR those unfamiliar with this uber talented German actor, Ella Rumpf has more charisma in a single flick of her punkish dark hair than most actors could dream of.

If Rumpf ended up in a GLOW ring, it would be easy to saddle her with an ‘evil foreigner’ gimmick. But Rumpf is better off unleashing the side of her that is more reminiscent of WWE’s Razor Ramon – less for the Scarface rip-off and more for the swaggering confidence.

Her jacket-wearing, baseball bat-wielding character from Jakob Lass’ Tiger Girl would be an ideal fit for the wrestling world. Ella ‘Razor’ Rumpf or Ella ‘Tiger Girl’ Rumpf. Either way she would shine.

Who would you like to see step into the ring?

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