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Top 10 Memorable Scenes From Jurassic Park and Jurassic World

AS Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens in cinemas, Close-up Culture have picked out 10 of the most memorable scenes from the Jurassic series.

10) Unwanted Phone Call – Jurassic Park 3

A sweet reunion quickly turns sour when a ringtone signals the appearance of a Spinosaurus. This scene flips the switch from joy to horror in entertaining fashion.

9) The Indominus Rex Escapes – Jurassic World

Jurassic World establishes the genetically enhanced terror of the Indominus Rex in a violent sequence that includes bone-crunching sounds, an effortlessly overturned car and the final dreading stare of a man about to be eaten alive by a dinosaur.

8) On Thin Glass – The Lost World: Jurassic Park

If a T-Rex cannot eat you, it is still happy to push you and your friends over the edge of a cliff.  The tension in this scene is racked up further as only quickly cracking glass separates Sarah (Julianne Moore) from a fall to her death.

7) This Is How You Play God – Jurassic Park 3

After Alan (Sam Neill) delivers a quotable line worthy of the original Jurassic Park, this scene kicks into gear up with an effective raptor jump scare.

6) I Can’t Wait To Tell Mom – Jurassic World

This is another enthralling raptor chase scene, although this one jump starts with a bloody handprint on the car window.

5) Life Finds A Way – Jurassic Park

On top of the film’s ground-breaking effects and action, Jurassic Park also contains fascinating debates about the ethics of reviving these extinct creatures. Although the lunch scene might be the most engaging of these discussions, this conversation in the lab contains the standout quote of the entire series.

4) A Really Tough Break – Jurassic World

Many people have suffered gruesome and terrifying deaths in the Jurassic films, but the one Zara (Katie McGrath) suffers in Jurassic World might be the most shocking of them all.

Not only does she have to chaperone two annoying kids for the early parts of the film, Zara ends up being dragged into the air by a pterosaur, dunked in and out of the water and then swallowed whole by a Mosasaurus. All this as karma for being slightly neglectful to the kids – a bit harsh.

3) Raptors In The Kitchen – Jurassic Park

How could anyone forget this game of cat and mouse between two children and a group of raptors?

In this scene, a kitchen becomes a maze of peril as the kids try to quietly crawl away from danger while menacing raptor claws and heads get closer. The tension builds to a clever reflection fake out as the raptors are outsmarted by Lex (Ariana Richards) and shiny kitchen surfaces.

2) T-Rex Breakout – Jurassic Park

Rain, darkness, panicked decision-making and one agitated T-Rex come together for a nerve-wrecking encounter. You can read our in-depth breakdown of the scene here.

1) Welcome to Jurassic Park – Jurassic Park

The awe-inspiring and iconic introduction to Jurassic Park is one of the most beautifully constructed scenes in blockbuster movie history. From Sam Neill’s wonderstruck attempts to take off his sunglasses to John Williams monumental score, this sets a ‘big feel’ tone before disaster strikes.

What is your favourite Jurassic film scene?


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