Short Film Watch #2

Representation Matters

WITH its huge commercial success, Black Panther has dug its claws firmly into the popular culture consciousness. Most meaningfully, the film’s racial significance has sent ripples through Hollywood and beyond.

Kadeem Johnson’s short film Representation Matters condenses the cultural impact of Black Panther down to one young African-American child who we watch fall in love with the Marvel superhero.

The child, who is handed the Black Panther comics by his father, is seen wearing the mask and playing with the action figure, leaving the Caucasian heroes Iron Man and wrestler Shawn Michaels well alone.

This short is best summarised by one of its opening quotes: ‘You long to buy toys that look like you and your friends.’

A warming film to capture a culturally important moment.

Credits: Travis Rhee (cinematography), Josef Adamu (production), Kadeem Johnson (director and producer)

Click to watch (runtime – 2:48)

Rating: 6/10


At The Games

AS the world’s media converge on PyeongChang to cover the end of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, I stumbled across a young, solo videographer who has a keen eye for capturing sporting moments, albeit on a small scale.

Neo Caliste covered the EVRAA 2018 (Eastern Visayas Regional Athletic Association) in Calbayog City, Philippines and compressed it down to a compelling three-minute watch.

At the Games does a fantastic job of ‘finding the story’ – whether it be the agony of second place, the closeness generated by team spirit, the strife of a hopeful coach or the pageantry of sport.

Neo demonstrates his intuition as filmmaker (I remind you, he did this all on his own) and does so from a number of unique and interesting perspectives. Fine individual work.

Credits: Neo Caliste (shot and edit)

Click to watch (runtime – 3.39)

Rating: 8/10
at the gamrs.png

A Whiter Shade Of Light

ROTTERDAM-born photographer Heleen Kosse gives an abstract and aesthetically-chic take on childhood in her short film: A Whiter Shade Of Light.

The film’s three subjects are fashionably dressed young adults who voguishly stand outside a block of flats as they smoke, appear out of bushes, pose huddling together and fiddle with a flower.

Among the decipherable themes are togetherness and creative freedom, but this short is as intriguing and hypnotic as it is strange. Well worth watching on a loop to discover more.

Credits: Heleen Kosse (director and DOP), Nathalja Roose (cast), Luc Diesveld (cast), Susanne de Visser (cast)

Click to watch (runtime – 2.29)

Rating: 8/10


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