Welcome to Close-Up Culture

A new year, a new title for our must-read website on all things cultural.

To reflect our coverage of the latest films, theatre and live music, has become

We hope you like the name change. This year, we will do even more to bring the cultural world into your home.

We will review the latest films, theatre and live music. We will interview the up and coming stars of the cinematic and theatrical worlds. And we will continue to expand the breadth of our coverage – stepping into the worlds of books, exhibitions and sculpture as well as theatre outside of London.

You can also expect us to add video and audio content to the website in the coming months.

We want Close-Up Culture to be a breath of fresh air, shining a light on areas of the UK’s thriving cultural industry that seldom get the coverage they deserve. We did it in 2017. We will do it even better this year.

Enjoy. Thanks for being part of our cultural company.

James and Jeff Prestridge

Close-Up Culture


  1. I like the new name, it fits. You do a great job of diving deeper into the productions, and interviewing actors (the quintessential close-ups, if you will). You are the only blog I follow that interviews actors. That’s super awesome.

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