Close-up: An Interview with Ella Rumpf

ELLA Rumpf is one of Europe’s finest young actresses. She has starred in films such as Summer Outside (2014), War (2014), and most notably, highly-acclaimed horror film Raw.

Her latest film, Tiger Girl, will air at the BFI Film Festival on Thursday (October 5). Ella took some time out of her busy filming schedule to talk to Prestridge².

Q: What can British audiences expect from Tiger Girl?

A: FOR sure something unconventional and provocative. Jakob Lass [director] has a unique style which is definitely worth looking into because he is not following the rules of conventional filmmaking.

Q: Your last film, Raw, was incredible. What were your experiences working on the film and what did you learn from working with director Julia Ducournau? (click here for our Q&A)

A: JULIA has a strongly detailed vision in which she did put a hell of a lot of work. Every action and sentence has a reason, so even in her (sometimes) surreal imagination nothing is random.

I believe working with her made me realise how important it is to leave nothing unsettled if you want to tell your vision and not leave a story indifferent.

Q: Besides cannibalism, one of the most interesting elements of Raw is the relationship between sisters Alexia and Justine. Did you enjoy acting alongside Garance Marillier? How did you build that on-screen chemistry?

A: WORKING with Garance was very beautiful. It was very interesting. When we met the first time, there was this unspoken thing that happened – I guess chemistry. She felt like my little sister right away and she took me like her big sister right away. That made it easy for us to believe in each other’s relationship.


Q: What are your ambitions as an actress? Are there any directors or actors you would like to work with?

A: MY ambitions are quite strong in terms of what kind of stories I support, by acting in them. My ambitions are to work with artists I admire and that support a message which enriches and questions the world we are living in. My list would be long, but a director of my generation that inspired me a lot is Xavier Dolan. Working with him would be a dream come true.
Q: Would you like to do an English language film at some point? You have the talents and attributes to be a success in Hollywood. Does that world appeal to you?

A: I WOULD love to work in English, I love acting in English. Let’s see. If the time comes and a project inspires me in the UK or in Hollywood I will not refuse it.
Q:  I hear you are currently shooting a film in the mountains. Can you reveal anything about the project?

A: I AM shooting a film not exactly in the mountains, but in Zürich, my hometown where I grew up. All I can say is that it is a coming of age drama love story with director Lorenz Merz – who in my eyes is one of the most talented upcoming directors in Switzerland.

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