Dog Month: Meet Daisy Clarke

Close-Up Culture’s dog month special continues with this delightful dachshund…

Welcome to Close-Up Culture! Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Daisy Clarke. I am a miniature dachshund and I’m four and a half years old. I live with my mum who is an illustrator, my dad who is a London Firefighter, my sister who is 10 and my twin brothers who are 9, just! 

Can you describe your personality?

I am very funny, my family say I’m a laugh a minute. Maybe not in the early days when I was a naughty puppy, though! Eating shoes and weeing all over the house, but since then my cheeky personality, my never ending tongue that hangs out and the funny faces I pull keeps everyone amused on a daily basis. Not to mention how much love I have to give.

What is your favourite way to spend a day?

My favourite kind of day is a nice long walk preferably in the sunshine (I am solar powered after all!) then we head to mum’s art studio where I relax on a super comfy bean bag and snooze in the sun beams whilst she works. I’m so lucky to be able to do this and not be left at home on my own. Then the kids come home from school which I LOVE! We play and cuddle then after dinner once everyone is home, the log fire goes on and I pass out until bed time! Absolutely bliss. 

If you were going to get in trouble for anything, what would it be?

If I was going to get in trouble it would be for being antisocial and barking at strangers and dogs! The only time I don’t do it is when I see a fellow sausage dog! I can spot them a mile off and I always want to say hello to them and play! Funny how I just know they are the same as me?!

Where is your favourite place in the world?

My favourite place in the whole wide world is in the arms of my human sister. We have been inseparable since the day she picked me up with dad, I was 8 weeks old and she was 6. She is the most kind, caring, sweetest girl. We will be besties forever.

What is your funniest memory?

Ooo that’s a tough one but my favourite memory must be seeing snow for the first time! I couldn’t quite believe my eyes when I saw the garden covered in a beautiful soft white blanket. I ran round and round the garden doing zoomies! (Once I got my head around the fact that the grass had disappeared!)

What does your family love most about you?

The thing my family love most about me has to be my tongue! I have a slight over bite on my jaw so my tongue continuously hangs out of my mouth. Front, side, asleep or awake and even when I eat! It certainly makes for some great photographs and lots and lots of laughs!

Follow Daisy on Instagram – @daisysausageclarke

Check out Daisy’s art studio – www.rosieandblue.co.uk

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