Comedy Movies: Last Vegas Review

If you’ve liked the plots presented by such films as ‘The Hangover’ or ‘The Bucket list’, then maybe Jon Turtletaub’s comedic masterpiece ‘Last Vegsas,’ where an aging pack of comrades meet up again in Las Vegas will be your cup of tea.  Through portraying its protagonists’ indulgent Sin City getaway, the movie blends together humor and sentimentality. Continue reading for a comprehensive review of Last Vegas.

Brief Intro

  • Release Date: 2013
  • Running Time: 1h45m
  • Director: Jon Turteltaub
  • Certificate: 12A
  • Genre: Comedy, drama
  • Cast: Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline
  • IMDb Rating: 6.6/10

Last Vegas is more like riding on a rollercoaster: you will never know when you fall and rise. The movie alike has a great number of ups and downs that will keep viewers entertained as a whole. That said, behind all the crazy things, we see an in-depth story that makes us excited about the destiny of its actors. It is similar to playing live casino games since you will never know when luck turns to your side, which adds to the overall excitement. Not to mention, live dealer options nowadays allow one to tune into the action and feel the atmosphere of a brick-and-mortar house from the comfort of one’s home.

Plot Summary

In the “Last Vegas” center, a group of aging four Brooklyn-based friends reunites in Las Vegas for one mission. The latter is a wedding party of their former leader, Michael Douglas (who played Billy). He is a millionaire who is going to marry a 32-year-old woman. The remaining three of the group are:

  • Archie (played by Morgan Freeman), who suffered a minor stroke.
  • Sam (played by Kevin Kline), who is battling depression.
  • Paddy (played by Robert De Niro), who is grieving for his deceased wife.

As they stay in the “Aria” hotel, the group takes part in different activities, including gambling, dining, and chatting. The Flatbush Four, as they used to be called, were carefree and wild before. But now, they are emotionally taxed and are looking for ways to cope with it.

Getting closer to the Sin City, these aging fours feel the sanitized dystopia of the city and their past resentments and grudges. But despite somewhat physical limitations, they still appreciate the beauty of the poolside ladies and the taste of high-quality alcohol.

Last Vegas’ Standouts

It is fair to say that the movie has its vibe and charms. The chemistry between the four principal actors is great, and their savvy situations are entertaining to watch. Let’s see what the film has in store when it comes to the highlights.

Chemistry of the Main Actors

One of the notable moments is the performance of Kevin Kline. We think his role is underrated and, in turn, ideally compiled. Kevin‘s ability to create quintessential plays surprise even the most demanding critics. 

Other characters also did a great job and went hand in hand with their roles. As such, Morgan Freeman plays a wily gentleman who hides his suave past, Robert De Niro portrays the snarling killjoy of the group, and Michael Douglas plays a charming old rascal.

Las Vegas Scene

The usage of Sin City as the core attraction in terms of background also adds to the excitement of the overall movie scene. By that, we mean everything that has to do with the city’s bright lights and glitzy atmosphere. Without any doubt, such an atmosphere provides a fun and exciting setting for the characters’ aesthetics.

Witty Screenplay

It is also worth mentioning the original lines of the screenplay itself. Many slapstick sequences and other mechanics are used, even though there are also enough cliche situations in the way of titanium knees and Viagra. One of the scenes that stand out a lot is about Freeman appearing to climb out of a high window, only to reveal it’s at ground level. More hedonistic moments where the friends judge a bikini contest, for instance, remind us about Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. All these altogether add some much-needed heart.

Last Vegas’ Disappointments

Some enjoyable moments and positive things considered, Last Vegas has room for improvement in a few areas. It is important to take into account that the movie doesn’t raise the bar to full-fledged comedy, even though it consists of a number of light and fluffy entertaining moments.

Weight of Portrayal

The film, unfortunately, lacks in adequately fleshing out its characters and relies heavily on the acting abilities of its talented cast. De Niro’s character plays the role of the aggressive and unpleasant individual who often resorts to using physical force to get his way. Douglas’ character is that of a charming older man who enjoys a life of privilege but is plagued with feelings of fear towards death. 

Product Placement

By product placement, we mean the geographically-based location of the film. As was previously mentioned, the plot revolves around the Aria hotel, the luxury of which distracts a bit from the main story. Here, the characters themselves are not fully fleshed out; chances are that Jon Turteltaub relied too much on their charisma and didn’t give them enough interesting material to work with.

Summing Up

To sum everything up, it is true to some extent that Last Vegas can be a memorable type of comedy for an older group of audience. But when saying more generically, it falls short due to its lack of well-developed comedic psychologies. On the other hand, the impressive performance of Kline contributes to the quality of the overall watching experience, as does the interplay between the four main actors is entertaining. Thus, if you’re seeking a light-hearted sort of comedy with sentimental elements, Last Vegas could be a decent option. 

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