Dog Month: Meet Professor Reginald

Close-Up Culture are dedicating the month of May to some of the most adorable dogs around. We kick off this dog month special with our very own Professor Reginald.

Welcome to Close-Up Culture. Can you tell us about yourself?

Hi! My name is Professor Reginald, but most people now refer to me as Reggie. I am six years old and I’ll be turning seven in July.

May I ask, why do they call you Professor?

I was given the name from birth because I’m an extremely intelligent dog. Strangely, as time has gone by, the humans have stopped referring to me as Professor as frequently as they once did. I don’t get it because I’m way smarter than them…

How would you describe your personality?

Smart, loving, fun and loud. I’m never afraid to climb all over you or sit on your head just to show you how much I care. In-your-face love is the best kind of love, right? RIGHT?

What are your favourite things to do?

I’m a working dog and do a job of the utmost importance: I sit by the window to keep guard, barking at any pigeons or shady looking humans that go by. It’s tough work, but someone has to do it.

How brave of you. If you were going to get in trouble for anything, what would it be?

I’ve been known to be a little to vocal sometimes – but that’s only because I care so much. Yesterday, I got in big trouble for rolling in something that the humans thought was disgusting. I don’t get what the big deal was – I smelt fantastic, as I always do!

What is your funniest memory?

A few years ago, one of the humans brought over a lady friend (a very beautiful woman). I got excited… too excited. Maybe I had an accident on the carpet… She seemed impressed by it though! I am the ultimate wingman.

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