Close-Up: An Interview With Brittany Charlotte Smith

Actor Brittany Charlotte Smith joins us on Close-Up Culture to chat about her exciting upcoming projects.

You have a role in the upcoming film, The Wedding Rule. What excited you about this project?

When I got the audition for The Wedding Rule it already seemed like a lot of fun! As a script it had a lot of great things that drew me in immediately: comedy, romance, and fun relationships. I love romcoms in general and it was so much fun to be part of this one. 

Can you tell us about your character?

I play Evie, an outgoing and spunky party planner trying to help her best friend achieve her dreams. While helping her friend she ends up stumbling into her own romance. Evie was such a pleasure to play, she’s sassy but full of heart and deeply wants things to work out for everyone. It was also a blast to explore her look with the make-up and hair team on set! Evie was really fashionable, so she had a lot of great looks. 

What was your experience like working on the film?

Working with director Alpha Nicky Mulowa was such a great experience, and she really gave us room to play in the scenes. There was never a dull moment with this cast and crew. I had most of my scenes with Julie Nolke, who is pure sunshine on set, and working with Dennis Andres and Joey Coleman was a blast. 

You also star in the Disney+ film, The Naughty Nine. Can you reveal anything about that project and your time working on it?

I can’t say too much about it unfortunately, but the story is so much fun. Our wonderful director Alberto Belli created such a magical world – I can’t wait for audiences to see it. It’s a Christmas movie like no other!

You recently wrapped on a mockumentary directed by Gavin Michael Booth. Can you tell us about the project and your involvement in it?

Absolutely! I wrote and am also playing a role in this short film. It’s a comedic mockumentary on the adult industry framed like a workplace satire. Huge ensemble cast, full of comedians, so the shoot was a lot of fun. This is my second project with Gavin and he’s such a joy to work with. 

What are your earliest memories of performing and wanting to act?

When I was about 4 my brother and I loved performing for my parents. We would make up full improvised songs, and dance for them. We were so desperate to perform we would ask for suggestions for song themes from them and my mother would always tell us to sing about healthy food. We both would roll our eyes, but we would fully commit. You have to give the audience what they want, right?

What do you like to get up to away from acting?

When I’m not acting, I’m working on projects with my writing partners, staying active, hanging out with my cat, being a tourist in my own city, trying new restaurants, spending time with my friends and family, begging my husband to take me to Disneyland any chance I can. He says no 99% of the time, but I know I’ll wear him down. 

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

Career wise I’d love to get into TV, being part of a comedic ensemble-based TV series like Ghosts, Ted Lasso, Abbott Elementary or How I Met Your Father would be a dream.

However, I’d love to do as much as I can, film, TV, stage. I started my career in musical theatre and there are many shows I’d love to be cast in. It would be great do more film as well, period pieces, dramas, sci-fi, animation, more romcoms! They are my favourite to watch, and my favourite to work on.

I also want to continue writing and producing my own work, to hopefully sell a pilot/series one day! There are so many women in Hollywood right now who are running their own empire, Issa Rae, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling to name a few.. It’s such an inspiration and I feel like they are paving a new path in the industry.


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