Why I Stan: Oasis

In this week’s edition of Why I Stan, we chat with Oasis superfan Luke Woolford about his passion for the band, vinyl, and Oasis merchandise.

When did you first get into Oasis, and what was it that inspired you to fall in love with the band?

I first began listening properly just prior to the lockdown in 2020. During lockdown I was able to listen to them more and more and slowly began to love them and their music. Liam especially drove my admiration for them and their music and really inspired me to look into the band themselves who made the music I was listening to daily.

Oasis originally started in 1991 – quite some time before the current generation was even born! What do you think it is about Oasis that the younger generation can now relate to, 22 years after their music entered the music world?

The entirety of Oasis, especially the two brothers, were from working-class backgrounds and those themes really can be seen in the music they created. I think they act as role models for that demographic and are shining evidence that anyone can become what they want to if they put their minds to it. Also, with the resurgence of vinyl and CDs, a lot more young people are going back to older music – especially the 90’s Britpop era that Oasis helped to define.

Everyone loves to talk and speculate about the feud between Noel and Liam – the Gallagher brothers. Now, Noel is at the forefront of his own band, ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’. In your opinion, do you prefer the brothers’ music now that they work separately, or when they were in Oasis together? Why?

The albums Oasis created are some of the best in history and as solo artists, I don’t see either brother hitting those same heights. As they were such a close-knit band, they evidently would make their best music when working together and combining their talents. However, both of their solo careers have produced amazing albums and prove their legacy can continue.

Do you own any special pieces of merchandise related to Oasis? What do you think your favourite collected item is?

The one piece of merchandise that sticks out for me is the little original CD case shaped like a cigarette box which was released in 1996, including 3 singles from Definitely Maybe plus an exclusive interview CD. It really captures the rock n roll of that era.

Oasis 1996 Deluxe Edition 5 CDs Cigarette Box Set

The world of vinyl has made a comeback in recent years, and there’s no doubt that original Oasis vinyl has massively increased in popularity (and price!) since then. Do you own any Oasis vinyl that has a special meaning to you?

One vinyl that sticks out for me is ‘Be Here Now’. The third studio album was the first vinyl I ever bought and really unleashed the world of vinyl collecting upon me with immediate effect, as I returned soon after to buy more Oasis albums.

This might be a tricky question, but can you name your top 3 Oasis songs of all time?

Picking three songs from the nearly 150 released is next to impossible. If I had to choose three they would be (in no particular order) Slide Away, All Around The World, and Cast No Shadow.

How do you think your affinity for Oasis has changed the way you see things in day-to-day life – have they had any influence on your personality, tastes or other music interests?

Oasis definitely have influenced other aspects of my life. Firstly, they led me into a whole new genre of music, especially 90’s Britpop. Listening to Oasis especially led to me listening to the Stone Roses – who are now one of my favourite bands. They also have affected the way I dress, for example, as I take inspiration from how they, themselves, dressed.

What do those close to you, e.g. friends and family, think of your obsession with Oasis?

I think my family members and friends alike have a soft spot for Oasis, as most British people do, and they all understand why someone would love the band.

Finally, how do you think Oasis has changed your life?

I think Oasis has changed my life by giving me a whole new world of music to venture into and discover more. Subsequently, this has led to me changing all sorts of aspects of my life and being a true fan of music and Oasis alike.


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