Personalization Is Trending in the Worldwide Jewelry Sector

Personalization is doing a roaring trade in fashion, jewelry, and accessories, with modern buyers delighted by the idea of owning something that was once the exclusive privilege of wealthier, highly demanding customers. Today, customized jewelry is seen not only as a way of celebrating oneself but also as an ideal gift for a loved one “who has everything.” One need only see how brands ranging from Gassan to Monica Vinader are permitting customers to select everything from their stone size and color to their font (in the case of engraving). Below are just a few of the top trends in the sector.

Layered Initial Necklaces

Not everyone who wants a bespoke piece wants to give all their secrets away. Delicate, layered 18K yellow and rose gold necklaces bearing delicate initials are therefore a key way to embrace romance, parenthood, or friendship, without anyone knowing quite what these initials stand for. Some brands are offering customers the chance to design one minimalistic piece with three pavé diamond initials on the same strand. It’s all about garnering intrigue while sporting a modern, fashionable, everyday design that captures the light (and people’s attention).

It’s All In the Name

Custom pendants started hitting big with Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City and their popularity has maintained an impressive high, owing in no small part to the many varieties of jewelry buyers can opt for. Classic custom name necklaces are arguably the biggest seller, but there are more subtle choices as well—including customized awareness necklaces, diamond-studded necklaces, and lockets engraved with one’s chosen font. From your child’s handwriting to an established cursive font like Exmouth, Geraldine, or Dancing Script, the sky’s the limit when it comes to font availabilities, leading to quite a complex and involved selection process.

Zodiac Jewelry

Many of the world’s most popular fashion jewelry brands have done a roaring trade with zodiac jewelry, once again presented in original forms. Some designs are graced with birthstones; others are embossed into medals and accompanied by words that encapsulate the essence of specific astrological signs. Zodiac jewelry can therefore be camouflaged as more classic pieces, upping their appeal to those who elect to purchase these items in precious metals and/or stones. The trend has been hitting particularly strongly since celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner wore it with panache.

Semi-Customized Fashion Jewelry

Top fashion jewelry brands have found a way to offer “semi-customization” at a reasonable price, with online features that enable buyers to select from different designs. One stunning design causing intrigue is that of “map jewelry,” which offers online shoppers the chance to create their own map jewelry. The site simply asks the client to indicate their location (the entire world is covered) and a dedicated design tool captures this location on a map, converting it into jewelry. As the piece gets made, designers send frequent updates until the piece is finished.

Personalized jewelry is a way of celebrating who you are. Embraced by confident wearers the world over, it now comes in a myriad of styles. Name pendants, initials, and zodiac jewelry reveal the plethora of choices sartorial shoppers have. Meanwhile, unique designs such as “map jewelry” make ideal gifts for people who literally have it all.

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