Why I Stan: Star Trek

In this week’s edition of Why I Stan, the person behind the popular Twitter account Star Trek Minus Context explains their love of the iconic franchise.

The original series of Star Trek aired in the 1960s. At what point did you get into Star Trek?

It’s one of those “I grew up watching it in the background” kind of things for me. My parents, bless their hearts, had The Next Generation on in the background from a young age. When I really caught the Start Trek bug was Start Trek “The One with the Whales” and “The Undiscovered County.” So I grew up really connected to the TOS movies and the TNG series.

What was it about Star Trek that connected with you?

As a kid it was probably the fantastical space adventures and humor that drew me in. As I got older, the “world” that Star Trek exists in and the expansive stories and ethos of the Federation anchored pretty deep.

There’s been so many different iterations of Star Trek. Which do you hold closest to your heart? And why?

’90s era Trek will always hold a special place in my heart. TNG was my first love, with DS9 and Voyager following as shows I chose to watch as a person forming their own opinions and likes. The whole aesthetic and vibe of those 3 series are a warm blanket for me. That being said, I am also really loving the Disco/Lower Decks/SNW run we’re on for different reasons, at a different part of my life.

And which do you least enjoy? And why?

I love the stories of the Original Series, but of all the shows, I probably re-watch those episodes the least. Just the stark contrast of the time it was made and some of the specific episodes. But a bad day watching TOS is still a good day. I don’t truly dislike any of it. I have watched Nemesis less than Wrath of Khan, but I’m glad both exist if that makes sense.

You run a popular Twitter account called ‘Star Trek Minus Context’. How do you find the experience of running this account?

It’s 95% a wonderful hobby. I started it as a goof more than anything. I always watch Star Trek with captions on anyway and some were just too funny, so I’d send them to friends as a joke. When I hit 100 followers, I couldn’t believe it, and its been fun and unexpected to watch it grow. I have so many pictures, and it’s fun day to day. But the holidays, or big news days are extra enjoyable. It’s a kick to try to scour the folders to try to find fun shots that also sync up well with current events.

Overall, I’d say it’s a meaningful way to show my love of Star Trek. The community is-for the most part-a tremendous, smart, creative, funny group. The other 5% are narrow minded gatekeeping fundamentalists who have a very narrow definition of what is good or okay and if you cross their own subjective line, they get very trollish. I block a lot, simply because it’s a fun hobby and they make it less enjoyable when they get loud.

Are there any other ways you express your love of Star Trek? Perhaps collecting memorabilia or something similar?

No memorabilia, I would just say I tend to find ways to bring Star Trek into everything I do. My friends and colleagues know a Star Trek analogy will find its way into most things that are happening. That, and I’m always recommending specific Star Trek to friends who are unfamiliar. There’s a Star Trek series for every personality, and its fun to try to pick that lock with people.

What do those close to you think about your love of Star Trek?

I think they tend to appreciate the healthy adoration, and think its pretty neat the Minus Context account has grown to where it is. But also, there’s a fair amount of eye rolls when I get going on the subject.

And lastly, what has Star Trek brought to your life?

I’m not at all religious, but live every day with a great sense of hope, awe, and wonder for the natural world and our collective potential. I find optimism meaning and beauty in so many things large and small. I love and appreciate the uniqueness of different people and cultures. Star Trek has helped curate in me, over the course of many years, a curiosity and wonder that I am grateful for. This, more than any other, is why I think Star Trek stands apart from other big tent franchises. The ideals and founding message have and will continue to root deeply for anyone who gives it a chance.

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