Close-Up: An Interview With Adventurer Rebecca Lee

Adventurer Rebecca Lee joins us on Close-Up Culture to chat about her love of climbing, hiking in Banff National Park, her bucket list, and much more.

Hi Rebecca, welcome to Close-Up Culture! Can you tell us about your background and how you got into climbing?

I’ve always loved trying new things, and I had started dating someone who was very into climbing. I tried climbing a couple times with him and honestly, I was not a big fan of it at first. I was terrible at it and soon learned that maybe I was more scared of heights than I thought. However, due to Covid, the climbing gyms had a Members Only policy and I was forced to buy a 10x Punch Pass. On my fourth/fifth time, I began to see improvement, and started to really enjoy it. Climbing can also be a very social sport and everyone is usually friendly and supportive. I started making a bunch of friends at the climbing gyms who I’m still very good friends with to this day. 

What does climbing bring to your life?

Climbing has brought a lot of fulfillment into my life. Due to the levels listed on climbs, you can get a sense when you’re improving. There’s also a lot of technique involved in climbing, which I like. I’m not naturally strong, and cannot always use brute strength to ascend; and with climbing, there are a lot of problems that require you to problem-solve and be more methodical. The combination of being able to problem-solve and getting stronger is fulfilling for me. Also, with the social aspect of climbing, it has also brought me a lot of friends. 

What has been your most memorable climbing experience?

My favorite climbing experience is probably my first outdoor climbing trip to Bishop this past winter. I’ve always been too afraid of climbing outdoors but some of my friends invited me out on a camping trip in the beautiful desert and it was such an amazing experience being able to camp and climb in such a beautiful location. Plus, enjoying the hot springs afterwards under the stars in 10 degree weather was a magical plus as well.

You also have a love of hiking. What has been your favourite hiking experience?

I had been waiting to hike Banff National Park for 2 years since I had originally booked my flight for 2020. Unfortunately, due to Covid, my trip got cancelled so finally being able to go 2 years later to a place that I had been waiting and dreaming for was an incredible experience. Banff was still not easy feat to get to, 2 years later. The lakes can get very crowded and with limited parking, you have to be smart about figuring out the shuttle and parking situations. However, it was worth it as Banff is way more spectacular in person than any photo can show you. 

Your socials show how adventurous and active you are – whether you’re climbing, hiking, or skiing. How would you describe your approach to life?

My approach to life is to say yes and be open to trying new things. Sometimes you stumble upon opportunities you’ve never imagined and who knows? Those opportunities can transform you. That was how climbing was to me. I let my boyfriend take me climbing one time and now I climb more than he does. The second thing I want to add is to not be afraid to take matters of your life in your hands. If you have a dream or a goal, don’t let someone deter you or don’t wait for others to be ready. If I want something, I always go for it and I never let anyone stop me, even if it means doing things on your own, like solo-travelling.

What’s one thing you’d love to tick off your bucket list?

My number one thing on my bucket list is to visit New Zealand. I’ve been dreaming of visiting there for years! New Zealand is the ultimate destination for an adventurer. It has some of the world’s most beautiful mountains, beaches and scenery and you can hike, backpack, and every possible adventurous activity you can think of. I fell in love with the NZ landscape since I saw Lord of the Rings and Narnia growing up and have been wanting to explore it ever since.

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