Why I Stan: Miley Cyrus

In this week’s edition of Why I Stan, we speak to super-fan Renee C (@mileycyrus_melb) about her love of music star Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus has been in the public eye since 2006. When did you first encounter her and what initially drew you to her?

I first encountered Miley the same way many others did, which was Hannah Montana. I was only really young – about 4/5 years old – at the time the first episode came out and I was instantly drawn to her. I think it was the way she presented herself on and off screen. It was like seeing a friend on TV every day.

What was it about Miley, her personality and her work that led you to become a super-fan?

Miley has always been dedicated and accommodating to her fans. Not only do I love her work and everything she has released throughout the years, but she has always included her fans and incorporates our ideas into her projects.

In what ways do you express your fandom? Do you collect memorabilia or anything like that?

My whole room is covered in Miley memorabilia that I’ve collected the last 15 years. I’ve always kept them safe and displayed them nicely, especially my concert tickets from when she came to Australia. I also always find ways to help promote Miley’s new projects through social media, etc.

What is your favourite piece of Miley memorabilia?

My favourite piece of Miley memorabilia I have is either the confetti I grabbed from the end of her Bangerz concert or my concert tickets themselves.

And the most obscure?

The most obscure… maybe my Official Miley-Bob Costume Teeth. Everyone seems to think they’re a bit strange, haha.

Miley has evolved a lot in the public eye, including a few ‘controversial’ years in the early 2010s. How do you reflect on her journey?

Ever since Hannah Montana finished, I believe Miley has really been able to express herself in a way we hadn’t seen before. I think some fans were deterred by this, but when you’ve been a fan for so long, you definitely support all of the eras of the artist.

Were there ever any times you doubted your fandom or had people around you question it?

Miley’s fanbase is a very solid one. I never doubt the loyalty of her fans.

Tell us one of your most cherished memories involving Miley.

One of my favourite memories of Miley is seeing her in concert for the first time. I was only 9 years old at the time and it was an unreal experience for me. Knowing she was real life in front of my eyes was like magic for me at that age.

What is your favourite Miley song, piece of work or moment? And why?

I could never choose just one piece of work that I could favourite – but throughout my life there are certain songs that I have memories attached to them. I’d say Party In The USA is a worldwide favourite and it is always played at events.

Miley’s new single, Flowers, has taken the charts by storm. What do you think of it?

Miley’s new single Flowers is currently #1 globally. That is a huge moment for her. The song represents a lot about what type of person she is. I think the hype about the song and the meaning behind it has also drawn in a lot of other people to listen to it. The song is amazing and it sends out a great message to her audience. I think this new era is going to be huge for her!

Miley has achieved so much and is still only 30. Where would you like to see her career and life go in the coming years?

I am so hopeful that Miley will still be in the industry. She hasn’t properly toured for nearly 10 years now and I’d love to see her again now that I’m older and can appreciate the moment more. Miley has already achieved so much before she hit 30 and I hope she will still be involved with music in many years to come.

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