Close-Up Culture’s Most Viewed Of 2022

Close-Up Culture look back on our most viewed articles of 2022.

Top 5 Theatre Reviews

5. Pass The Hat – Theatre Review

4. A Butcher Of Distinction – Theatre Review

3. Maybe, Probably – Theatre Review

2. Dark Sublime – Theatre Review

1. The Play With Speeches – Theatre Review

“The Play With Speeches is an ambitious piece of theatrical work from the pen of playwright James Woolf – which is currently getting a welcome airing at the rather delightful Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley, south London. Fine evening fare.”

Top 5 Music Reviews

5. Sarah Jane Morris At Ronnie Scott’s – Live Music Review

4. James Brown vs Prince: VS Funk Soul Orchestra – Live Music Review

3. Toyah Willcox – Live Music Review

2. Steve Norman and The Sleevz – Live Music Review

1. Howard Jones Acoustic Trio & Steve Harley – Live Music Review

“What a special night at PizzaExpress Live In London’s Holborn on Thursday (March 10). A night when musicians, music lovers and organisers of music events came together and raised nearly £50,000 for the wonderful people of Ukraine. A fantastic effort. Our country, our people at their best.”

Top 5 Podcasts

5. Sexy Sunday – New Gossip Girl

4. Sexy Sunday – Bridgerton

3. Sexy Sunday – Fleabag

2. Sexy Sunday – Good Luck To You, Leo Grande

1. Me Party – Elvis – Close-Up Culture

In the first episode of Me Party, Anna talks about the film ‘Elvis’.

Top 5 Interviews

5. Close-Up: An Interview With Juliette R.

4. Close-Up: An Interview With Cosplayer Tictac

3. Affe Auf Bike On Her Inspiring Motorcycle World Tour

2. Close-Up: An Interview With Global Music Star Savannah Clarke

1. Samantha Robinson Talks Jazz Kitty And Her Artistic Journey

“So it was mid 2021 and I was feeling creatively stifled. I had been auditioning for great projects but none of them had materialized. It was in this limited capacity jazz class that I had been taking, when the idea struck me of making a dance video,  as a retro, sexy “Jazz Kitty”.  The initial idea was to shoot it on 8mm film. The project then evolved from there. I choreographed the dance and then linked up with Ed Dougherty,  who was interested in directing and co-producing the project with me. He brought his wonderful crew on board and decided to opt for 16mm film instead. I am thrilled with how it turned out!”

Editor’s Top Picks of 2022

5. Close-Up: An Interview With Hey Hey Momo Artist Ruud Hendriks

4. ‘Chapter Street’ – Alex Brenchley’s Latest Album

3. Samantha Robinson Talks Jazz Kitty And Her Artistic Journey

2. Artist Stephen Hanson On His ‘Friends’ Collection and The World of Film & Animation

1. Close-Up: An Interview With Artist Beetle Moses

“The first one that comes to mind is a drawing I made of Mario lowering himself down the final pole in a Super Mario level in a very over-the-top pole dance routine. I tried to find the most ostentatious pole routine photos to use as visual reference while I was drawing. The final product came out ridiculous. It was that golden intersection of something that made me laugh while I was drawing it, and also received a great response from the internet.”

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