Jenny O Chats About Her Beautiful Music Video For “The Natural World”

Los Angeles songwriter Jenny O joins us on Close-Up Culture to talk about the new video for her single, “The Natural World”.

Hello Jenny O, welcome to Close-Up Culture. “The Natural World” is such a beautiful song. Can you tell us about your connection with the natural world?

Thank you. I see no separation from the natural world. We are on this really unique water planet. Some of the structures and objects we have made within and from the natural world stick out to me as “other,” but the rest- the air, the rock, the plants and living things, myself, is the natural world. We can get cut off from nature, we pave over it, it feels like non-nature, but underneath is soil. I enjoy witnessing phenomena when they occur, like the weather or my body or a spider or a plant in my own house. I also like to go to very wild places and behold it all, as nourishment or entertainment, in the same way I seek other pleasures.

What impact do you hope this song has on audiences?

I hope they are delighted.. but really I hope it’s part of a vast web of gestures that move us swiftly into alignment with Earth’s precious systems, facilitating a great human collaboration to draw down greenhouse gases and stabilize the climate as best we can.

What was your vision for the music video?

I wanted to be from the future we actually want. Old growth forests are the best carbon capture technology in existence. Let the forests grow back while we phase out emissions. So many visions of the future are dusty and awful or militaristic or in space exile. We have to plan to get it right here on Earth. We have to try. Even if we get it half right. We have to envision what it could look like. Regeneration.

What was your experience like filming this music video with Sam Gezari?

It was amazing. Sam is a meticulous photographer and an old friend of mine. I knew he could capture the incredible landscapes I wanted to film and he suggested including all the macro closeup details. Sam is also someone I could count on to adventure all the way out there. An awesome collaboration all around.

“The Natural World” and “Prism” are the first singles from your new album coming in early 2023. What can we expect from your new album?

“Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.” – Alice Walker

Lastly, a completely selfish question! I first saw you almost a decade ago when you toured with Sixto Rodriguez and came to London. What are your memories of that tour?

Cool! That was an incredibly fun experience, I really dig his music and he was really cool to me. In London I remember being alone and finding it amusing to perform at a place like the Hammersmith Apollo and backstage eating chips by myself like, was I supposed to invite somebody? 

Photo by Wyndham Garnett

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