Close-Up: An Interview With Ghostwriter Star Tony Ofori

Actor Tony Ofori speaks to Close-Up Culture about his role in the highly anticipated third season of the hit children’s mystery television series, Ghostwriter. 

Ghostwriter is about a group of friends who team up to solve an exciting mystery surrounding a ghost’s unfinished business, when a ghost haunts a neighbourhood and starts releasing fictional characters into the world. Tony plays Malcolm, a university student determined to make a difference in the world.

Ghostwriter is set to make its premiere on Apple TV+ on October 21st.

Hello Tony, welcome to Close-Up Culture. You’re set to star in season three of Ghostwriter. Can you tell us about your role as Malcolm? 

Hey!! Thank you so very much for having me! Malcolm? Malcolm is young, full of life and ambition. He loves to lend a hand whenever he can and is all about community. He’s in his final year of University, works at Village Books and is President of the Black Student Union at his university. So this is a young man that really intends to make a change and difference in the black community. 

How was your experience being a part of the show and playing Malcolm? 

I really loved playing Malcolm. He just brought an energy to his scenes which were un-matched, even though he was almost always completely oblivious to the magic happening around him. The best part about it all I have to say is working with the kids. Princess Mapp, Daire Mcleod, and Nour Assaf are such amazing and talented young ones who make everyday at work a great day to be an actor. 

What can the show’s fans expect from season three? 

We can expect a ghost in the house!! Probably one of the spookiest seasons yet. Also, this season of Ghostwriter does a little more than entertains us. There are some real experiences and teachable moments in this season’s episodes and we are really excited to share it with you. Malcolm is President of the Black Student Association at his University. 

What do you hope young Ghostwriter fans take away from this character? 

We are hoping that fans will open their eyes to how people of colour are treated in various capacities. Racism is not always overt. Micro aggression is sometimes so ingrained in us, we don’t even notice we are doing it. We aim to help educate. 

I understand your grandfather played a big role in your love of the arts. Can you talk about his influence and what led you to acting? 

When I was young, I would sing, I would dance, I would act and my grandfather fostered that. He would take me to see dance shows and musicians. Then one day he took me to see Aladdin on ice and it was the most magical thing for me. The art of disappearing into a story. From then on, he and my parents saw to it that I continued to hold onto this love that I found. I started attending a summer camp called The Junior Rep Program led by Rochelle Doris. This is how it all started. 

I understand you’ve got a number of other exciting projects on the horizon. Can you reveal anything about those? 

I just wrapped up on Murdoch Mysteries a few weeks ago which was such a great time.  This is the first time I’ve gotten the opportunity to play a historical figure on television. I play a character named John Armstrong Howard, who is the first black Canadian hundred meter track and field Olympian. His journey is very interesting and the story of this black man’s contribution to Canadian history is one we, as Canadians, have yet to explore before this time. In a couple of weeks, I’m scheduled to appear on Star Trek which is cool! I’ve never been to space!! Lastly in November, I’ll be working on an adaptation of Ann-Marie MacDonald’s famous novel Fall on Your Knees with Canadian Stage. We will also be bringing the show to London, Ottawa and Halifax. 

What are your plans and ambitions for the future? 

I plan on continuing to receive these blessings and opportunities to tell stories that inspire, even if my presence alone is inspiring. I am excited to learn and experience new things that I can then translate or use in my art.

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